Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random pictures from around the farm

Pictures don't always fit into their own posts, so here are some random ones from the last few weeks.

We have a few too many of these around.

I know what is getting the guinea eggs.

Yes, that is a house being built right next door. Even in the country neighbors feel the need to build too close.

Feeding time at the zoo.

In other news, I found a nest of 11 chicken eggs. I have no idea how long they've been there (I think less than a week) and it's been in the 90s so those are all wasted. At least I know a new place to look now. If they would just stick to one spot! I also stopped milking the goat, it wasn't worth the frustration. Everyone is doing well and I'll post newer pictures of Callisto soon. She's getting really big!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A farmer's lament

Warning, much whining ahead. I'm not really feeling the farm love lately.

I have 12 laying hens, 1 is sitting on a nest of eggs right now so she's excused. But the other 11 are only managing to lay an average of 4 eggs a day. I thought maybe they were hiding them so I kept them locked in the coop the last 2 days. I got 5 eggs one day, and only 1 yesterday! I'm going crazy trying to figure out what is going on. I have people that want eggs and not nearly enough eggs for them. All I can figure is their eating them?

Then I have my bratty milk goat, and bratty is putting it nicely! It takes me 5 minutes to drag her to the milk stand each morning. She then lets me milk her for about 3 minutes before she decides she's done. And when she's done, she isn't kidding. She kicks, stomps, sits down, dances, everything she can think of to make me stop. She spills the milk every 3 days or so. I'm starting to really dislike this goat. She's also a bully to the other goats. Her only saving grace is she's a good mom. I'm seriously considering giving up milking. It isn't worth the daily fight for 4 ounces of milk. I dread getting up in the morning because I know what is coming.

And if that wasn't enough, the guineas are making nests in the hardest to find places. I've found a few of them recently with many eggs in them. One had 16! I have no idea how old the eggs are so I just mark them and keep checking the nest to see if we get new ones. Not only do we not get new ones but over the next few days all the old ones disappear. This has happened a few times now. We haven't had a guinea egg in well over a month.

On top of all that, the goats have discovered that good stuff is growing in the garden and they are now getting out every day and eating the garden. I thought I had all the places they could get out sealed up, but apparently not. I've long suspected that they could escape whenever they want and just stay where I want them out of kindness. The lure of the garden is too much for them to resist right now. I'm trying to seal any spot I find.

And speaking of the garden, it has rained everyday for the last week. Which is great, except the weeds are now so big I can't find my plants! Of course, the goats can, they don't eat the weeds, just the stuff I want. It finally isn't raining today but it's in the 90s out there. I have no idea when weeding may occur.

And Mark wonders why I'm not in the mood to make dinner at night!