Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ursa Bear

I guess you guys are tired of Callisto videos based on the lack of response to my last post...

Many of you probably forgot that we got a little angora doeling a few days before Callisto was born. Ursa Bear has been neglected on this blog, but don't worry, not in real life.

When we got her she was very shy and scared of us. After Callisto was born, part of my morning routine started including sitting on the ground so Callisto could climb all over me, eat my hair, and fall asleep in my lap. Ursa watched from a distance for the first week then slowly started coming over to me. I guess she figured if the little baby trusted me enough to fall asleep in my lap then she probably didn't need to be scared of me.

Now she comes over every morning as soon as I sit down. Callisto jumps on me and acts like a baby goat, while Ursa stands quietly in front of me and lets me pet her. She is so calm and gentle, I never knew a goat could be calm and gentle. In case you can't tell, I adore this little girl.

She and Callisto have become pretty close. For those of you with angoras, do they ever play or jump on things? Callisto has been jumping on the big spools for over a week, but Ursa has never gotten on any of the spools. She also never plays head butting games even though Callisto tries to get her too. I just want to make sure she is ok.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cute video of Callisto and Logan

This video is from last week. I have another cute one to share tomorrow. Then I need recent videos taken this week!

I'm too busy playing with her cuteness to video tape her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A friend visits the farm

We had a friend over today that has a 10 year old boy too. The boys had a great time!

She did a better post than I'd ever do, so here is the link:

A question about predators

I went out this morning and found 7 or 8 guinea eggs spread about the pen. They were broken perfectly in half, not shattered. The insides were gone but the shells were in good shape, just open. What could have done this?

I think I have a guinea that has gone broody and that whatever broke open the eggs must have chased her off the nest last night. I will move her to a safe location today. Just wondering what may have gotten the eggs and if I need to worry about it getting the chickens.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Videos of the babies

2 videos from last week. The babies were only a day old here. I'll get new videos of Callisto today. She's much more active now. She jumps and hops and runs. It is very cute!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The flood in Nashville

I'm sure you've all heard about the flood in Nashville. What you may not know is that my sister lives there. Her house flooded within feet of the roof! She lost everything.

I went there this weekend to help her out. Her house is now totally gutted. All the drywall, flooring, duct work and siding is off the house. It is going to be a VERY long rebuilding process.

Here are some pictures of the flood. I'll have more pictures in a few days of my visit there.

Her house is under the water somewhere in this picture.

Another picture where you can't see the houses that are there.

Her house once she was able to get back to it.
Inside the kitchen
The water line on her house!
The debris piles on her street the day they were able to get back in. The piles are now taller than a person and continuous down the whole street!
The inside of the house after the gutting began. That is my sister in this picture.
It was an incredible weekend. The community support has been amazing. There has been a constant stream of volunteers since Tuesday. They are helping gut houses, delivering food and water, and offering people places to stay. We never lacked for food, water or help. My sister has the best friends ever! They've been there non-stop since this happened doing whatever needed to be done.

She will start rebuilding in a few weeks hopefully. If anyone is near Nashville and would like to help out with construction when we get started let me know. We'll need all the help we can get!

I'm also collecting donations on my paypal account, it is going to cost a lot to rebuild. She is a single woman, working and going to college to get her nursing degree. She doesn't have any money for rebuilding. If you'd like to help out my account is

No amount is too small.

The baby is doing great and just as cute as can be! Logan took great care of her while I was gone.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Callisto

Wanda came and got her baby Thursday evening, so we were able to name our baby. Meet Callisto! We think she is very beautiful. She loves to hop and climb on us. She's very friendly already and doing great.

See, they are smaller than the chickens! I am amazed by how small they are.

At least than 24 hours old she was already trying to climb on things!

All goats love kisses.

We are beyond thrilled with our little girl. Io is being the best mom in the world. I have some videos I'll try to post soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We have babies!!!

Whistling Wind Farm had it's first babies yesterday afternoon. Io had 2 baby girls around 3 pm. The births both went really well and Logan and I were there to witness both of them. The babies are nursing and playing and cute as can be! They are smaller than the chickens! I'll get some scale pictures today.

Baby #1 fresh out of momma. Less than 30 seconds old at this point.

Io cleaning baby #1
More cleaning of baby #1
#1 trying to stand up.
Baby #2 is here. We were busy with #1 and didn't get many pictures of #2 right after birth.

#2 about 20 minutes after birth.
Logan holding #1
Io cleaning #2
The babies love to cuddle up in the dogloo.
The woman we got Io from is coming to get one of the girls tomorrow, it was part of the deal of getting Io. So, we don't know which girl we are keeping yet, but one of them will have a permanent home here.

It was an amazing and scary experience! I shook for about an hour afterwards. It is incredible how quickly they stand up and are nursing, within minutes of being born. They are already climbing all over us and trying to jump on things. Baby goats are amazing.