Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip to Foxfire

Last week we went to Foxfire with some friends. Foxfire is a pretty interesting place, it is a village showing how people lived 100 years ago in this area. If you are familiar with the Foxfire books, it's the same place and it's only an hour from us!

Because there were only 2 kids in our group, Logan got to do a lot of things. He had a really good time.

He got to play on stilts and was able to take 8 steps before he fell over.

He made rope.

Played with old time toys.
He did some weaving.

And some wood working.

The highlight of the day was the blacksmithing. Logan actually got to shape metal into a hook. But that will be it's own post.


linda m said...

Sounds like a very interesting place. Joe and I love to visit places like that and see how people used to live. Guess you could call us history buffs.

Melodie said...

We love historical villages! We have been to many all over the place and never get tired of them and what a great learning experience for kids!

Wendy said...

I am reading the books right now, and as my family is (mostly) from the Appalachia area (SE Kentucky), I'm particularly interested in the lifestyle. The books are just fascinating, and there's such a wealth of information that they just have that we have completely lost in pursuit of making money. It's incredibly sad to me. Just their knowledge of trees and what the different wood can be used for is enough to stagger the imagination. Whoever says the mountain folks are ignorant and backward simply don't have a clue.

How exciting that you were able to visit the place! It must have been an incredible experience.

Gail said...

My kind of place, glad you had a great time.

Linda said...

That sounds like loads of fun for everyone! I wanta go! lol

CeeCee said...

We have a place here in the Austin area that is on the same principal.
I always feel bad for the women---they are in costume, summer and winter. The summer heat is brutal.
I'm glad y'all had so much fun!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful trip. Better than the class room. Actually it was a class room.