Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goats don't like white Christmases.

I think I missed my blogaversary this year. I'll try to do some post for that soon. They are predicting 6-12 inches of snow for us here tonight. Last time we got that much snow we lost power for 3 days, so I thought I'd do a post now while I have electricity!

We had a white Christmas here in GA. The goats were less than thrilled. They seem to blame me whenever they aren't happy with the weather.

We were able to get them out in the snow with the promise of sledding however.

Following Logan down the sledding hill. I think they are hoping for a ride back up.

Jump on quick Io!

Mommy make this stuff go away! (Notice my cool new pink quilted overalls. I've been loving them this year!)

Callisto has grown a lot.
Buddy boy really wants a treat of some sort to make up for having to put up with the cold white stuff.

The goats are getting bored with sledding.

Can we go in now?!

Ursa was the only one that seemed to like the snow. How odd that the goats from Africa wouldn't like snow.

Finally! Time to go in.


Lanora said...

Love the photos of the goats in the snow, such great expressions. Come follow me

Gail said...

Good to hear you are all doing well!

Snow??? I thought you were in a place where there was no snow.

Stay warm, stay safe, been missing you.

Razzberry Corner said...

Looks like everyone had some fun! But it looks COLDDD, time to go back into the barn for some warmth! I love goats, they have such personalities!

melanie said...

It is somehow satisfying to know that Georgia is predicted to get more snow than NY...hope the power stays on, though!

Voni said...

Looks like my place right now. Lots of snow. Goats and sheep would rather not deal with it; they are staying close to their shelters.

Christy said...

Gail, I thought so too. We have snow on the ground again! About 4 inches. The goats hate it, but I think the chickens hate it more.

Teresa said...

Such a fun post. It really looks like fun sledding out there! Hope you don't lose power.

linda m said...

Great pictures of the goaties expressions. I couldn't believe how much they dislike snow.

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