Friday, April 6, 2007

Things to do in April

Here is my list of things to do in April

Sew 4 pairs of shorts for Logan (2 DONE)
Sew 3 tank tops for Logan
Sew 2 T shirts for me (1 mostly done, the other will probably end up being a tanktop)
Get fabric for 2 more pairs of shorts for Logan (DONE)
Plant potatoes (DONE)
Plant sweet potatoes
Plant rest of seedlings (DONE)
Make mason bee house (got wood for this)
Make solar cooker (have all the materials)
Bring car in for recall (DONE)
Drop stuff off for Forgotten Cats yard sale (DONE)
Go through boxes in basement and purge, purge, purge
Go through Logan's clothes and figure out what he has for summer
Make at least 2 loafs of bread (DONE, although the second loaf wasn't very good)
Order composter and start composting (DONE)

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Anonymous said...

I love your flower pictures. For digging up the bulbs and throwing them away, you sure have some pretty flowers.