Friday, September 14, 2007


I have a question for those of you who grew tomatoes this year and used them to make sauce. What type of tomato did you use? I grew a few types this year and wasn't happy with any of them as far as making sauce goes.

And possibly a stupid pea question. If I want peas that are those little round ones, those are shelling peas right? What are snap peas? Are they ones where you eat the whole pod?


Anonymous said...

I used Amish paste, San Marzano, and black plum sauce tomatoes this year. But I also threw whatever I had extra of and was getting overly ripe or too bug damaged. So there was also some cherry tomatoes, german stripe, first lady and brandywine in my sauce from time to time too. I think the variety makes a better sauce actually.

And you are right about the peas. Shelling peas are for shelling and snap peas are picked young and tender to use the whole pea pod in cooking.

Christy said...

Thank you for the input. I grew Amish Paste this year but they were so small. I never could get enough for any type of sauce. Were yours small? I know I could do a bunch more plants but I was hoping for something a little bigger. I haven't tried San Marzano or black plum. I'll try those next year.

Most of my sauce ended up being whatever my aunt gave me, I have no idea what they were but they were big and juicy which made the sauce take forever to cook down.

karl said...

amish paste, ours were large three inches. are you on my seed christmas list? if not e-mail me your address and we'll send you some.

our amish paste were amazing to make sauce. they really show their stuff when cooked.

Anonymous said...

My Amish paste were the largest sauce tomatoes I'd ever grown. Almost slicer size. I got mine from Seed Savers Exchange. I'll put some seeds in our seed swap for you.