Friday, September 28, 2007

Garden journal - Part 2

I've got more brocolli growing now but something is eating the leaves. I don't see anything on them so I guess it is a fly-by eating. I'm seeing a few of those white butterflies (cabbage white?) flying around.

I also have spinach going right now that is about ready to start eating. For some reason cutting the leaves off makes me nervous. They do grow back right?

8-Carrots – these grew really well and I was happy with the outcome. I’ve got more going now

10-Onions – also a success although they didn’t get very big. It was probably the container again

2-Royalty Purple Pod beans – Grew well and made good tasting beans. To get enough for a actual dish I’ll need to plant a lot more plants. I only had 2 to begin with and could get 10 or so beans by the end of the week. I planted more plants but I think I planted them too late because I still haven’t gotten any beans off of them

2-Tom Thumb peas – these grew and made peas but they were so small it wasn’t even worth picking them

2-Strawberries – no problems there. I’m still getting strawberries off the plant and it has made them all summer. Again the type of thing where I would need a lot more plants to get a substantial harvest

1-Blackberrries – growing well and made berries this year (it is it’s second year) but it didn’t make many and we ate them all right off the plant. I need to trellis it up because the berries that were touching the ground rotted

3-Blueberries – I have 3 bushes that are in their second year and should have made berries this year but they all flowered at different times and so no berries. I’m not sure what to do about these.


Anonymous said...

It probably is cabbage worms getting your broccoli, they're stealthy.

And yes, your spinach will grow back, albeit more slowly the colder it gets.

My onions were small as well, worst year I've ever had with onions, this year.

Christy said...

Farm Mom - I've been looking for worms but aren't seeing them. But I do know they are hard to see! I need to look harder because the brocolli is being dessimated. I will harvest some spinach tomorrow for a salad and see if it grows back.

Christy said...

I found a bunch of worms today. I've been looking everyday but today was the first time I found any. 1 of the plants is destroyed, the others may have a chance at recoving if I can keep the worms off of them.