Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ice Cream anyone?

Logan feel in love with an ice cream cone pattern in my crochet book, so I made him one. We thought the varigated yarn for the ice cream would be fun.

Logan enjoying his ice cream!
Biting the bottom off the cone as he always does with his ice cream cones.

The weiner dog is done! I'll try to post pictures of it tomorrow.

In other news, Logan was in a karate tournament yesterday and took second in sparring! It was an exciting day. You can see the videos here if you are interested, the videos called Logan sparring WOMAA.


Twinville said...

Gosh girl! I'm impressed. That ice cream cone is CUTE!

You keep challenging yourself with new patterns and designs every day. How fun for Logan with all these fun new soft toys to play with, too.
Looks like maybe craft shows are in your future......


ga.farmwoman said...

I'm with Twinville. Impressed!!
You are really good at making unique toys. You should list some on the Etsy site. I bet they would sell especially closer it gets to Christmas.
Good job and Logan looks so cute with the ice cream cone.

Christy said...

Thanks! I'm having fun and Logan is too. I'd never given an Etsy store any thought, but I'll think about it. It could be fun.