Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spool fun

Our neighbor brought some spools home from work and said we could have them! You know how much goats love spools.

Their favorite thing to do is push each other off. Here is Aurora pushing IO off the middle spool.

They also like to pose and show how cute they are. Aren't we cute?

Aurora thinks she is cuter than Orion and is going to prove it. "I'm cuter!"
Aurora wins, she is cuter.

Logan, who thinks he is a goat, doesn't want to miss out on the pushing fun. He also thinks he is pretty cute.
Aurora still can't get IO to admit she is cuter.
Orion and Eris battle for big spool supremacy.
Eris wishes she could claim this victory, but Orion fell off all on his own.

Thanks neighbor!


Gayle said...

They are going to have so much fun!

melanie said...

That "mid-fall" shot is amazing...

Christy said...

Melanie, that was totally a lucky shot!

linda m said...

OMG !!! How cute is that! Logan doesn't look like a goat but he sure acts like one.

Robin said...

Very cute pictures. I also like the mid-fall one. I never thought about using spools for goats. Maybe I should mention this to my sister-in-law who has goats.

Tonya said...

Looks like your farm is lots of fun! Your "kids" have it made... Logan too!


Anonymous said...

All the goats and Logan are cute as can be on those spools.

I have a couple of the large spools here. I use one in the back yard near the raised beds for a work table. It is Lionel's favorite place.

Have a great day.

Gail said...

Great shots, I can't believe how much Logan has grown!

I love these spools, can be used for a million things.

Sue said...

So cute.You're lucky to have that neighbor. Hope you baked him some cookies as a thank you!!
Hey wait, that's what I'D like....never mind!

Leslie said...

Very fun! It reminds me of how kids love to play in big cardboard boxes (not sure why exactly :) I love the falling shot.

Anonymous said...

That was fun viewing the goats having fun. LOL at the pic of Orion falling off the spool. I am looking forward to having goats again.

Wendy said...

Well, you can tell them that I think they're all pretty cute ... and I have a little goat envy :).

Christy said...

Gail, he has grown a lot hasn't he!

Sue, I did bake him some cookies! Molasses ones, they were really good.

Barbara, I hope you do get goats again one day. Usually things don't turn out the way they did for you. I adore my goats!

Wendy - I have goat envy and they are my goats!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! It's like Disney World for goats! What a kind neighbor. We have one spool, but the little goats have trouble getting up there, so they don't use it much. What they love the most to play on is an old picnik table. They climb and jump of of it and then nap underneath.

Great photos!


Christy said...

Lisa, at first we only had the big spool, so we gave them a stool so they could get up on it. Then the neighbor brought us the 2 smaller ones.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I really neeeeeed some of those spools. I've been looking all over the place and talking to some people, but no luck so far. Where does your neighbor work?
Goats love to climb, that's for sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Lisa said...

Hi Christy:

I got your blog addy off the Georgia goat list. Nice place and family you have. I don't have any goats at the moment, but will again someday. for now I have my milk cow for milk. I love my chickens as well.
Take care,

CeeCee said...

I was sure I'd posted!
I soooooo wish for goats, but can't have any. :(
Thanks for sharing yours with me.

Christy said...

Danni, my neighbor does plumbing for new construction.