Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A year already?

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day we moved to our farm! I can't believe it has already been a year, it seems like no time at all. Being that it is an anniversary it is time to look back and reflect.

We currently have:
4 miniature goats (3 nigerian dwarfs and 1 mini nubian)
2 sheep
16 chickens (what? really? how did I get so many chickens?)
5 guineas
2 inside cats

Animals sold or given away in the last year:
5 meat birds
1 duck named Thyme
1 sheep named Andromeda
1 rooster named Spike

Fatalities on the farm:
1 duck named Sage
Scissor Beak (my sweet deformed meat bird)
Kudzu (boy do we miss her)
5 meat chickens I butchered that are now in the freezer

Crops that did well:
Sweet Potatoes
Spaghetti squash

Structures built:

2 stalls in the run-in
A goat climbing structure
A small chicken run for the Mille Fleurs
4 raised beds

For one year, I'm happy with the progress on the farm. I'm less happy with my progress in getting established in the community. If you are my friend on Facebook, you read my post about being lonely and not having many friends that I can get together with. I will need to make a bigger effort to become more established in the community in the next year.


linda m said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!! I am sorry you are lonely due to not having a lot of friends. I know how you feel as I really don't have very many friends here. Maybe we both need to get more involved in our communities. Good Luck

trying4two99 said...

Christy, maybe you and I could get the boys togethor more often. We could come there and help out!! I want chickens, but have no idea on care, issues etc and the goats could wrangle my 10 year old!! Let me know! I'm in the group with you. (I gave you the pumpkin pieces).

Jennifer W

Christy said...

Jennifer, that would be nice. We love having visitors to the farm. The goats really love have visitors!

Christy said...

Jennifer, everyone loves the pumpkin pieces and the apples were a nice surprise. The goats really liked the apples!

C-re said...

I'm actually from your area! Not a stalker of course. Maybe we could meet up one of my off days from work. I've got 2 chickens myself and 2 heathen boys!

Melody said...

Things are picking up already! :-)

I have a hard time making friends too, since I'm an introvert and kind of a recluse.

Happy Anniversary! May the next year bring lots of joys and successes!

Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary! You have done an excellent job for you first year. I am on Facebook and would love to add you as a friend if that is okay.

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary!

A year already? Wow! That's amazing! I remember when you were having such a time selling your house in the suburbs ... it does seem like it was so recently ;).

Congratulations on your first year as an honest-to-goodness homesteader ...

... and as for building community - that takes time. I'm sure it will happen for you sooner than you'll realize.

Gail said...

Congratulations! I remember when the farm was but a distant dream, you have come so far.

Carol said...

Congratulations...you've made great progress...you've been working pretty hard...and farming doesnt really get easier and in this day and age...most people would rather have someone else do it. I always enjoyed the farm..though I had chickens and horses and a few calves.


Sue said...

Christy-congrats on your year anniversary. You've accomplished a lot-keep up the good work!

Amy said...

Happy Farmiversary!

Looks like you need to add a couple of dogs to your brood. You need a couple to help guard your flock for you ;-)

Christy said...

Barbara, I'd love to be your friend on FB. You can find me under christy_imnotred@yahoo.com

C-re, it would be fun to meet up sometime.

Sheila Henline said...

Happy Anniversary.
Don't feel that lonely, we are all here for you.
As for your community... just pick something and get involved at a level your comfortable with. A church of your choosing, 4H, Scouts, other activities with your children. They'll keep you busy and introduce you to your community!

P said...

Congratulations on year one. You've done a lot in just a little time. A pretty amazing start.

I found that school made instant community for us-- Whenever I grumble about curriculum and lack of creativity, etc., I have to remind myself how connected the kids (and I) feel being part of the every day around our town. Helps that the school is teeny-- one small class per grade...

I'm sure you'll meet people before long in your community. Give it some time.

melanie said...

Well, now you've gone and done it...blogged about wanting more "community". Lots of us "readers" are miles away by car, but still are a part of your blogging world.

Happy farm anniversary! You did MUCH better than our first year...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey any progress is good...but you've made huge strides and have made many of your dreams come true. I remember a time when you were so frustrated and thought you'd never have your farm dreams realized...and NOW look at you! Whoo!

I don't know what it is, but the south is a little bit different than other places we've lived. Family ties and friends run deep. If you didn't grow up in the south, you're not as welcome and brought into the circles as easily. Not that everyone is like that, but it's seems the norm.

When we lived there we were always being invited to parties....to buy stuff (like pampered chef, candles, lingerie, tupperware, creative memories, etc), but noone invited me to just hang out and be friends and let our kids play together.

We lived in South Carolina for 7 years and it took me 4 years to make any real friends, and that only happened once I joined our local homeschooling co-op and a scrapbooking group.

I made some lasting friends in our homeschooling group and I miss them terribly and we still keep in touch.
Have you checked out any unschooling or homeschooling groups nearby yet?

I hope you can make some good connections that lead to friendships soon, Christy. I wish we lived closer, too. I'm sure we'd hit it off, like milk and cookies.


Christy said...

Lisa, I've joined a few local homeschool groups, but have only clicked with a few people and they either live far away or are really busy. Most of the moms I just didn't click with. Being an unschooler, it is very hard to be around really strict parents for me.

Gayle said...

You've accomplished so much around your farm in one year. How excitin! I know about connecting with others...I am so involved with my kids (and so is everyone else I know) that I didn't foster friendships. Gets kind of lonely sometimes. Sorry about Dusty. I understand that kind of animal loss.

Linda said...

Who are you on face book? I too am on facebook - Can I be your friend?

Linda said...

Oh and I forgot! I think you have done AWESOME for the first year! *CLAP* *BIG SMILE*