Monday, April 19, 2010

Black belt test

OK, not back to farming yet. Logan tested for his first degree black belt Saturday and I thought I'd share some pictures and a video

Here he is doing a jump spinning hook kick.

Love his intensity when he's doing forms.

Choking his partner while doing one step sparring.
Getting ready to break the board with his elbow.

Just broke the board with a spinning side kick.
All done with his test.

A video of him doing his 3 breaks at the test.

I'll be posting more videos and pictures to Facebook, so if we aren't friends yet and you want to see them, send me a friend request.


Jennifer said...

That is awesome! He is really good!

Deanne said...

My 10yo son and I watched the video of his breaks. (He is a purple belt.) Logan did great on his breaking! Love the focus and confidence he exhibits. Congratulations Logan!

polly's path said...

my daughter earned her black belt when she was 8 or 9. I have fond memories of being the only loud mom in the crowd who cheered on her child. The rest were kind of quiet and respectful. I figured, it's only once that your child earns her first black belt.

Spring Lake Farm said...

Congrats to Logan! Very impressive.


Christy said...

Thanks everyone. I'm impressed by him!

CeeCee said...

You must be so proud of him. He looks like he's very much in control. Great focus!