Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ice Storm

Last week we had a large ice storm. We lost electricity at 6 pm and didn't get it back until 6am the next day. It was kind of fun not having electricity, I was in the middle of cooking dinner so we had to figure out how to finish cooking it without the stove. We lite candles and oil lanterns and actually had a conversation about peak oil and how we would do things if it happens. DH usually won't talk about it, he doesn't believe it is going to happen. But sitting with no electricity seemed to make the topic easier to talk about. It got a bit cold in the house that night, we have no fireplace or gas heaters of any type so we just put on lots of clothes and cuddled up under the blankets. The only hard part was getting out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Darn small bladder!

The birds were understandably panicked when everything got covered in ice. They spent the day swarming the feeders and quickly emptied them all. I went out to try to fill them but the gate was frozen to the ground. So, I poured a bunch of seed on the ground inside our fence so that I could see the birds easily and get pictures of them. I got a ton of good pictures! I even put some seed on the deck so they came right up to the house.

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