Friday, February 9, 2007

Seed order

OK, OK, I know I'm really behind everyone else but better late than never right? I decided to order everything from Seed Savers since at the quantity I'm ordering they were pretty much the same price as all the other companies and I like that they are preserving heritage seeds. So here it is, my seed order:

Royal Purple Pod beans
Lettuce mixture
Tom Thumb peas
All Blue potatoes
Thai hot peppers
Martino's Roma tomatoes
Purple Passion tomatoes
Thai Basil
Purple Coneflower
Red Milkweed

Hmmm....It sured seemed like more when I was ordering it. Since I'm doing it all in containers this year I tried to keep it under control. Hopefully next year, I can order more and grow it in the ground at my new farm.

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