Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vision Board

Logan and I decided to make a vision board of our farm. We thought a lot about what we want on the farm and found pictures to symbolize those things. We had a ton of fun arranging the pictures on the board. Many of these pictures should look familiar to Danielle

On the top half of the board we have pictures of a butterfly garden, a pond with ducks, goats, a beautiful barn, lots of chickens and eggs. The picture of the woman holding the chicken was important to Logan because he wants to be able to hold our chickens. I wanted to make sure we got a picture of a pond in there because I really want a pond on our property and I'd love to have ducks living there.

The bottom half of the board has a picture of the whole family since we want all of us to be there, we are sitting in rocking chairs on a porch because that is something we'd really like the house to have. We also have a picture of the cats. The house is our dream house and I put solar panels on top of it. We also have an apple tree to represent our small orchard and Logan picking berries to represent the berries we want to grow, as well as Logan enjoying his time on the farm. We have woods because we would like part of the property to be wooded. We have Logan in a tree because he wants a good climbing tree on the property as well as Logan on a trampoline because that is something he really wants. I then have fields of vegetables and a greenhouse to represent the vegetables we'll grow. And I'd love to have a greenhouse someday.

I think that about sums it up. Am I missing anything that would be important to have on our farm when we get it? Many of the things on the vision board I can add to any property we get but a few of the things need to already be there. What else should I be looking for when we start looking?

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Danielle said...

Hey! I recognize some of those shots! *g* That made me smile.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again once we thaw out!