Friday, May 18, 2007


No, not the place with the shootings, but one of my favorite plants. I have 3 different columbines planted in my shade wildlife garden. They bloom pretty early in the spring and they re-seed themselves, not to the extent that bee balm does, but they do re-seed. I planted 1 of each type last spring and this spring 3-5 of each type came up. Now, my bee balm I planted 1 last spring and this spring about 30 came up. Bee balm re-seeds like crazy! But it won't bloom until mid-summer so we have a while to wait until I can share pictures of it.


Deanne said...

Oooh, they're pretty. They come back on their own? Does that mean they're low maintenance, so someone who is notorious for killing plants might have a chance with something like this? ;)

Christy said...

They are NO maintenance! Pretty much all native plants are no maintenance which is one reason I'm such a big fan of them. That and they provide for the local wildlife. I planted all my natives this time last year. Watered them a couple of times during the summer when they were looking wilty and cut them all down to the ground in March. They've all not only come back but multiplied. Columbine like the shade, but if you have a full sun spot, bee balm and Joe Pye weed are awesome and butterflies love them. My bee balm is the one that came back with about 30 plants this year and my Joe Pye went from 1 to 12 plants. And they are both beautiful too, but won't bloom until August. So if you want an early bloomer and have shade, columbine is a great choice.

I would definitely try native plants, they are used to living on their own in the wild so they don't need much from a person unlike exotics.