Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Harvest

Last night I made my first harvest of my lettuce mixture and 2 peas from my Tom Thumb pea plant. It made for a delicious salad. I realized I will need to plant A LOT more lettuce if we actually want to have more than 2 salads from it.
A picture of the whole garden. I can't wait to be doing this in the ground!
We have 2 baby tomatoes!

The potatoes are growing like crazy! Out of all the sweet potato slips I had only 1 made it once they were put into dirt. I guess I'm going to be hitting up the farmer's market for sweet potatoes at the end of the summer.
My beans are starting to get flowers on them. I need to plant some more soon.


Steph said...

Congrats on your first harvest! I have yet to get my garden in! Hopefully today....

Christy said...

Thanks! Things are going pretty well in the garden but I didn't plant nearly enough. We are just going to get snacks from the garden this year. I can't imagine trying to live on what I plant!