Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Garden update

Here are pictures of some of what I'm growing and how they are doing. I've got over 20 pots on the deck with various veggies in them. Some are doing well and some are just getting started. Here are the things that are doing well.

My onions are doing great. I hope they are doing as well under the dirt as they are above the dirt.

Ditto for the potatoes.

Purple beans are starting to come up.

My sweet potato slips are actually growing and I planted a few a couple of days ago. I'll post pictures of those soon.

My lettuce. At what point should I eat this?


Lori V. said...

Good-looking stuff!

I wanted to let you know that I just tagged/nominated/whatever you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Follow the link to my blog if you haven't heard of it!

Thanks again for handling all my probing unschooling questions with such aplomb!

Christy said...

Thanks Lori! I enjoyed our unschooling talk. Thanks for the nomination.