Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Local Summer - Week 3

This week for our local meal we had a dish we call Guido's. We named it after the man who gave us the recipe. He was the head steward on a cruise we took to Alaska for our 5th anniversary. He made this dish one night as an appetizer and we liked it so much we ended up eating 5 plates of it as our entree. We then asked for the recipe and he was thrilled to give it to us. The recipe is from a native Italian that we got in Alaska, but this week it was pure Delaware (not really, but it sounds good).

The dish consists of penne pasta in a sauce made with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, dried red peppers, garlic, basil, and olive oil. It is quite spicy and very delicious!

The breakdown:
Whole wheat penne pasta - Harrisburg, PA - 110 miles
Tomatoes - my garden - 0 miles
Onions - my garden - 0 miles
jalapeno pepper - my garden - 0 miles
dried red peppers - left over from last years garden - 0 miles
garlic - West Grove, PA - 25 miles
Basil - my garden - 0 miles
Olive oil - still Italy :(
Anyone know of any local oils I could cook with that would be about equivalent to olive oil?


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Looks wonderful! You're so lucky to have tomatoes and peppers ready from the garden. Oh, I can't wait!! :)

Mikaela said...

Sounds great - I lurve hot peppers with macaroni :D

Faith said...

Christy, what brand is that pasta from Delaware? I've been on the hunt for some whole wheat pasta from my area (Lancaster county) and so far have been unsuccessful.

seedling said...

Mmm, that looks tasty. I love spicy tomato sauce. And I'm so jealous that your tomatoes are ready!

Christy said...

Faith - I don't remember the brand, I found it at the grocery store in a brown box. It is from Harrisburg, PA. I know the local Amish sell a lot of homemade pasta but I haven't seen whole wheat by the Amish. I'm going to try to make whole wheat pasta soon, I'll let you know how it goes.

Faith said...

Okay, thanks anyway. We do have a lot of locally made noodles around here but none of it's whole wheat. I'm interested to know how your homemade whole wheat pasta turns out!

mary contrary said...

Penne from Harrisburg? I live just across the river, and though I am not an official OLS participant, I am doing what I can...and heck! that would be penne within 5 miles for me. How do I find it?