Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Working Sheep

Today we went over to the "egg ladies" farm down the road and helped her work sheep. She needed to examine, trim hooves, vaccinate and shear the nether regions in preparation for breeding. We rounded up 16 sheep and herded them into the barns. We then 1 at a time took care of each sheep and then put them out with the appropriate ram. Logan and I got a lot of experience at holding down sheep and herding sheep. She had many different breeds so we got to see a lot of different sheep and learn the positives and negatives about each breed. I got kicked in the ribs pretty hard at one point and learned a valuable lesson about where to place your body when holding a sheep down.

Unfortunately, my camera batteries died as soon as we got there so no pictures. And I could have gotten some good ones of Logan sitting on the sheep to hold them down, or Logan petting their head to keep them calm while their hooves were being trimmed, or even Logan holding a leg so the sheep wouldn't kick the woman while she sheared them. It would have been a much more interesting entry with the pictures :( sorry. Another valuable lesson learned, always have spare batteries even if you are running late.

We had a good time and learned a lot. I do believe we will have sheep on our farm, we've been leaning that way for awhile and think we have decided. We may raise a sheep on her farm for 4-H this year. She will have lots of babies come March. I promise to have pictures then!


karl said...

sounds fun even though it wasn't photo documented.

Danielle said...

Christy, you and Logan are such an inspiration as you find ways to live your Farm Dreams even as you feel stuck in suburbia.

Christy said...

Danielle, thanks. I don't feel I have much choice, it is either find ways to live my dreams or slip into a depression, which I am prone to anyway. I have to fight it and keeping busy doing what I long to do helps.

AnneO said...

Ah...no need for those photos, Christy. It's all so clear in my mind the way you described it on Shine...and it will stay with me for a long time. I agree with Danielle, that you are an inspiration...not only for your *Farm Dreams*, but for your Mothering.

hillbilly2be said...

Logan is a very lucky boy. I'll bet he remembers the experiences you gave him shearing sheep like I remember the bits and pieces of rural life my mother managed to expose us kids to over the years, even while we lived in the city.

I'll bet that as your goals crystallize for your family that they will happen. Goals are funny that way.

Take care,

jenn said...

This is so cool :) Thanks for sharing Christy! I agree, a photo would have been wonderful, but unnecessary in this instance - you described the experience well.

Christy said...

Ron - Thanks for stopping by! It was a great day but one I hope Logan will get to experience a lot on our own farm someday.

Thanks Jenn.