Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goals for 2008

First I want to thank you all for being so supportive and really giving me the boost I needed!

OK, moving on from my pity post of the other day. I'm ready to refocus myself on my goals.

Goals for 2008:

  • Learn to make cheese other than mozzarella, particularly sheep milk cheese since I plan to raise sheep

  • Learn to spin wool

  • Learn to make bagels

  • Learn to pressure can

  • Learn to butcher chicken

  • Learn to sheer sheep

  • Go to more farm conferences

  • Make my own laundry detergent

  • Learn to make soap

  • Make a more efficient solar cooker

  • Learn to dehydrate food

  • Grind my own flour

  • Plant fruit trees

  • Learn to make herbal remedies

  • Get more experience with sheep

  • Hatch eggs with an incubator

  • Dry more of our laundry on the drying rack

  • Visit farms to see how others are doing things

  • Research and decide on breeds

  • Knit a sweater from wool I spun

  • Learn to felt (needle and hand)

  • And of course my biggest goal - Move to our farm! Doing this will add many new goals to the list since there are many things I can't do until we move. So, this list is very much subject to change. And I'm sure I will think of other things to add.


    Anonymous said...

    Very Good Christy, Your back on track and heading towards your goals. You will get your farm.

    Danielle said...

    Yay for you!

    We have many of the same goals, so we can learn together!

    Deanne said...

    You go, girl! ;)

    Erikka said...

    And you said there was nothing else you could do until you got a farm...


    These sound like really great goals and ways to stretch yourself.

    Christy said...

    Erikka - Yeah, I guess I still have a few things to do ;)

    Leslie said...

    Christy, you're overloading yourself w/all those "want to learn" subjects! Maybe try to learn items that are related, i.e., sheep>wool>shearing>spinning.

    Being realistic about goals saves a lot of self-criticism down the road LOL Remember, you have to crawl and fall down on the way to walking.

    Use your local library, extension agent, continuing ed courses, and wonderful online videos to get a head start on priorities.

    Find a good realtor who knows about the area y'all are interested in.

    Make lists of household things to get rid of, sell/donate: clothes, toys, books, never fixed items, furniture.

    Why? Because when your dream gets rolling, you won't have time to be be organized LOL

    Work at what you *can do now*.

    Wish I was 30 years younger!

    Danielle said...

    Hey Christy, it just occurred to me that I can give you some hatching eggs this spring. You and Logan could consider making a homemade incubator—definitely not the best incubators, but fun for the experience nonetheless. You could have the chicks as peeps and then bring them back to the farm. It would require a bit of driving, but may be worth the experience.

    Wendy said...

    A lot of your "learn to ..." items are just a matter of doing them, as I'm sure you know, and then practicing ;). I "learned" how to spin with my drop spindle - at least I know the basics behind doing it. Have I spun anything? Well, no, and I have no excuse, except that I haven't made time.

    I think your list is just incredible, and I'm so excited to follow you through this year to see all of your accomplishments, which I think will be many. I'm looking forward to making something other than mozzarella, too. I just need to figure out how to make a cheese press, and then, I'm all set ;).

    Good luck! Oh, and by the way, I was over at Blooming Fields - you won! Yay for you!

    Christy said...

    Danielle - Cool! We may do that. I'm going to see if I can get a similar arrangement with the woman we get eggs from but if not we will take you up on the offer.

    Wendy - Yeah, most of the things on my list are just a matter of doing them. I need to figure out this cheese press thing too, if you come up with anything let us know. And thanks for the heads up on winning! I hadn't been over there to find out.

    Stacey said...

    What a great sounding list, I wish you good luck in meeting them, but after reading you accomplishments from last year it seems that it will be no problem for you. I know what you mean that moving to 'the farm' seems unattainable, it seems like our move is some where in the 3-4 year time. I can't wait to see your progress in these area.