Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cute pictures

We took my dad out to the farm Saturday to meet the sheep. We were hoping to work with Senate while we were there so he could see Logan doing it, but I wasn't successful at catching her this time. I guess we still need to work on catching Senate without Trebs there to help.

This is the newest baby on the farm. Her name is Phoenix and her mom died during birth. So she is a bottle baby. We are getting to give her the 3 pm feeding every day this week. We are both very excited about it! She is so sweet.

While I was trying to catch Senate, Loretta was following Logan around wanting attention. He finally gave her some.

This was a 4H sheep at one time and you can tell. She is very friendly and loved eating the treats Logan had brought for Senate.
Since I wasn't successful at catching Senate, I decided to put the halter on Loretta since she was following me around anyway. She did just what Senate did when we first put the halter on her. Loretta was not happy!

Here is Senate with her mom and sister, safely out of my reach.


Twinville said...

I cannot een begin to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all these pictures and reading about your farm day with the sheep.

Your photos were just exquisite! My favorite is the one of Logan looking down at Loretta. You can just see how gentle and caring Logan is. It just touches my heart!

Gotta love those bottle babies and 4H sheep, too. Such friendly critters.

The last pic of Senate with her mom and sibling cracked me up. The Mom looks so defensive, as if she is ready to do battle. haha

Thank you for sharing the pics and stories of your fun farm day.

linda m said...

The pictures of Logan and the sheep are so precious. My favorite is the one were Logan is looking down at the lamb. thanks for sharing.

hillbilly2be said...

Seeing Logan feeding the sheep with a bottle brings back a lot of memories... I had a bottle-fed lamb too once... Even followed me down into the basement of the farmhouse one day when I mixed up the milk. Those will be great memories for Logan.


farm mom said...

Such great pics! I really enjoy looking at Logan's expressions. He seems so happy and at peace. What great experiences your giving him!

Erikka said...

these sheep are too cute.

Christy said...

Logan's favorite is the first one of him with Senate. My favorite is the one with him and Loretta because it is so gentle. Loretta has been avoiding us since I put the halter on her LOL.

We weren't able to catch Senate again today, she won't even come over for grain with all the other sheep. Sigh. We had fun giving the babies their bottles though. I think we will try with Senate again once Trebs can help again (she is out of town this week). Things are getting hectic here anyway, so we may be done working with Senate, we'll see. I have to say, I really don't like chasing sheep around the field!

Christy said...

I meant to say Logan's favorite is the one of him with Phoenix, not Senate. He hasn't been with Senate in a week since she won't even come over!

linda m said...

I agree with Logan. I think the picture of him with Phoenix is the best one. Of course the one with him and Loretta is precious.