Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tomatoes and an update

I guess I can't call them seedlings anymore, they've gotten too big. They are now full blown plants. I transplanted all my tomatoes yesterday out of their little plastic cups and into pots. It was past time to do it, they were getting a little root bound.

Don't they look nice! I have 2 Amish Paste, 2 Hungarian Paste and 2 Sweet Olive. I hope we move in time for me to get more in the ground before winter comes. Winter comes later to the Atlanta area so I'm going to try when we get there and hope for the best.

A close up of one of my Hungarian Paste.

I'm very excited by this! I've never successfully grown tomatoes from seeds. Of course, it won't really be successful until I get tomatoes from them but I've never made it this far before. Having a grow light helps so much, it was well worth the money! I'll probably get another one for next year.

House update:
The house has been on the market for a week. We've had 8 showings with another scheduled for this afternoon. We don't have any scheduled for tomorrow yet but Sunday is a big house hunting day around here so I expect to get some scheduled today. And our house will be in the paper today with a bunch of pictures and stuff.

2 of the people that came to look bought other houses, 2 of them have further interest but aren't in any hurry since it is a buyer's market. 1 actually came back for a second showing, they were trying to decide between 3 houses, they still haven't decided yet. And the rest we never heard back from. It is really frustrating our realtor that so many people aren't getting back to us on what they thought.

We also had a realtors open house this week. We had about 10 realtors through and they filled out comment cards. They all liked the house, said it was in great shape and had a wonderful lot. There were some minor criticisms that we fixed or decided to ignore. About half thought the house was priced right and about half thought it was too high. We were the same price as the 2 other houses that are the same as ours but they both dropped their prices this week, so I'm guessing we will be dropping our price soon.

On the upside, 2 of the houses for sale in this neighborhood sold this week so there is less competition. They had both been on the market 4-6 weeks so I guess it was their turn. There are only 2 other houses in our price range for sale in this neighborhood now so that is good.

We've had a showing everyday this week and I have to admit I'm getting a little worn out trying to keep up with the house. I have to have it show ready every day. I love having so many showings! But it is getting tiring to wake up and clean every morning. I may be going overboard but I just want this house to sell so much!

UPDATED: As of 9 pm Saturday night we have no showings scheduled for Sunday. I guess the rush of showings is over. I have to admit I'm feeling rather discouraged right now.


Maile said...

It won't be long now before it sells, I bet ya. So hang in there..its all almost over. In this economy, that is a great turn around time for the other houses in your neighborhood, so it all seems very promising!

Christy said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm needing it today for some reason. 4-6 weeks seems like a long time to me, but I guess it really isn't. Unfortunately, we will probably be getting 5-10K less than we were wanting. Which is still way more than we paid for it so I guess I can't really complain!

linda m said...

Please don't get discouraged. You have a beautiful house and I just know the right person is out there that will buy it. I have been sending tons of positive energy your way to help sell the house. It will sell soon; I just know it!!!

Nicole said...

Hi! This is totally off-topic from your post, but I couldn't find your email address to email you privately.

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hillbilly2be said...

Your seedlings look just great, Christy. Congrats! Mine are doing so-so... that's ok, sometimes I learn more when things don't go just right. :)

Hope your house sells fast!


Christy said...

Thanks mom! We did get a showing for today but I'm not sure they showed up. There is no evidence they came and there is usually evidence. I have to say we are tired of eating out! The showings keep being at dinner time. We were looking forward to eating a home tonight but the showing was 5-6:30, so we ate out again. I'm going to be really annoyed if they didn't show up! However, I'm feeling much more hopeful again.

Twinville said...

Hang in there, Christy!

I know how frustrating and difficult it is to deal with the process of selling your home.

Sending you positive thoughts filled with patience and perserverance!

And your 'mater plants look great!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling discouraged, Christy. Ugh! There's nothing so stressful and selling/buying a house and that horrible state of limbo when you're between the two. Here's hoping it'd over soon. xoxo

Erikka said...

your tomatoes are beautiful.

keep those fingers crossed for your house to be sold! i am too.