Friday, August 15, 2008

Pressure canner question

I'm seriously considering getting a pressure canner for my birthday which is in 2 weeks. I've been looking at them online and there are many to choose from.

So, my question:

What type of pressure canner do you have and are you happy with it?

There is a huge difference in prices so I'm wondering if the more expensive ones are worth it.


LisaZ said...

I just bought a Presto brand at our local Fleet Farm store. It was on sale for $70, usually $90. I used it to water bath but haven't pressure canned yet. So far, so good though. I think I remember on the Food Storage group someone saying Presto is a good brand. It is aluminum rather than stainless steel, I don't know if that makes a difference to you. I'd love a heavier steel, but the cost was prohibitive. I just wanted something!

Kathryn and Ari said...

I have a silly question: is a pressure canner and a pressure cooker the same thing? I have the latter, but I'm not sure about the former.

Deb said...

I use a Presto pressure cooker/canner and love it. I've had it many years and it has never failed. Parts are easily replaced although I have never replaced anything on it in the 15 years I've used it.

Christy said...

Kathryn - I'm not sure. I've seen somethings that are cookers/canners and some that say they are just cookers. I assume it has something to do with the pressure they can go up to, but I could be wrong.

Mim said...

I have the All American pressure cooker/canner model #921. I love it. It has a metal on metal seal so you never have to worry about replacing those rubber gaskets.

Chile said...

A pressure cooker is not necessarily a pressure canner. A pressure canner must have a weighted or dial gauge. Do not try to pressure can if you only have a cooker.

That said, a pressure canner can also be used as a pressure cooker. However, if you purchase an aluminum pressure canner (which will heat up faster), think twice about cooking food directly in it because of the contact with aluminum.

I purchased a Mirro 12 qt. pressure canner. I wish now I'd purchased the 22 qt. one so that I could do quart size jars or a double layer of pints.

Danielle said...

I got the All-American model #915, I think—the one that holds 7 quarts and 10 (though really 9) pints.

I wanted one with the screws and the metal-to-metal seal because I felt safer with it. I'm really happy with it, though the lid can be a bit persnickety.

Heather @ SGF said...

I have the Presto 26 qt canner and love it!

Ron said...

We have a Presto 23 qt (model 01781?). We have canned hundreds of quarts and pints over the past few years with it. I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it seems to do the job just great and we haven't had any problems at all... good enough for me!

We have used it as a pressure cooker a few times, in order to cook beans from dry to done in an hour or so (put them in a 2nd pan, so no mess)... but it was kind of a hassle, and we just let the beans soak overnight nowadays. The actual cooking time with a pressure canner/cooker is not that long, but it has to cool off a long time before you can open it... YMMV.

I remember doing a bunch of research on canners back when we bought it... one of the nice things about sticking with a major manufacturer is the availability of replacement parts. Our small town farm supply store has an extensive stock of Presto rubber gaskets, dial gauges, and those things that fit over the vent hole. If one was extremely concerned about rubber gaskets not being available, it's always an option to buy an extra one and keep it in a drawer, away from sunlight.

We just store it up on top of the refrigerator when canning season is over... it's pretty big!


Christy said...

Chile - Thank you for the explanation!

Thanks for all the input so far. I've looked at all the brands mentioned here so it is good to know they all seem good.

Robj98168 said...

I dont have a pressure canner and Yes I am happy with it! I use the water bath method. I dont use the pressure method ... cause,,, well,,, (kicks dirt)... i am yellow. Thats right I am scared of pressure canners. Funny for someone who had a class 4 boiler firemans license!

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ga.farmwoman said...

Hey Christy. I have the All American pressure canner.
Like Mim said, it has the metal to metal seal which means there is no rubber gasket around the top to keep replacing. I have had it about 20 years and it still works fine.
The factory was Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. when I bought the canner at Athens feed and seed in Athens, Ga.
I think a pressure canner is a great investment especially since food prices have gotten so high.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

warren said...

I also have an All American and I like it a lot. I have a Presto too and used to have a Mirro. I prefer the All-American but the others worked as well. I like the "heaviness" of the AA and like the pressure/temp guage which takes some of the guessing out of it.

A pressure cooker and canner are not the same as others have mentioned. Also, waterbath canning is no longer considered a safe way to can veggies, meats, etc. Of course, people have done it for years but pressure canners are safe and not at all scary. Botulism is scary...