Sunday, July 19, 2009


Now that the chicks are older, we've named them and want to introduce them to everyone.

This is Echinacea, one of our Americanas.This is Sweet Cecily, our other Americana.

Lotus, one of our speckled sussex.
Multiflora Rose, one of our silver laced Wyandottes. We have another named Japanese Honeysuckle. We can't tell them apart yet, so one picture will do.
Sweet Gum, our other speckled sussex. She is our sweet, friendly girl. She even put herself to bed in the coop last night! They all want to sleep in the run-in and I have to move them every night.
Dusty Miller, our special, rare bird. It is a silver spangled hamburg. We think it may be a boy. As long as it gets along with Yarrow and doesn't wake me up too early in the morning he can stay. Hopefully, we are wrong and it is a girl, but signs don't look good.
2 of the meat birds. We have 10 of them.
Their names are:

Green curry chicken
Red curry chicken
Peanut chicken
Thai basil chicken
Chicken and vegetable stir fry
Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken noodle soup
Fried chicken
Barbeque chicken
Sesame pasta with chicken


Gail said...

We name our meat cattle like that, last year's freezer full of meat was TBone and this year's is Soup Bone.

Wonderful chicks, hope you have good luck, I love chickens.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

I hope your meat chickens don't know what their names mean. :-)


tina f. said...

How cute! I posted pictures of my new arrivals on Friday. 12 Cuckoo Marans and 5 Speckled Sussex. Of course I don't know if they're girls or boys yet but my sil's were trying to think of names for all the chicks (including the two Wheaten Marans that I hatched from eggs).

JLB said...

Thanks for posting all the pics, I think my favorite girl is probably a speckled mix :) I'll have to introduce her soon. Wonderful names for the meat chickens.

Ron said...

hahaha, I like the names. :)

The varied hens are nifty. Ours are pretty boring. But they produce well, so I don't complain too much. :)


CeeCee said...

Welcome to all your hens (fingers crossed).
I have a pair of hens that I had trouble telling apart for a bit. Once their combs and fleshy parts formed around their eyes, it became very clear which hen was which. Maybe take a closer look at Rose and her sister?

FarmHouse Style said...

My Silver Spangled Hamburg looks just like your Dusty Miller and it is a hen... Lucy Wallace. She took a long time to come into lay, so don't give up on Dusty yet.


Glenda said...

Ha, I burst out laughing when I read your meat chickens' names!!!

Carol said...

It's fun raising them...hard at first to put them in the know what's in them...and therefor what's going to be in you.

Laryssa Herbert said...

Great names...especially for the meat chickens! :-)

Trish said...

Lol! Oh, I love it!! I have 4 girls (okay one is a boy, but he was supposed to be a girl) and I love them. Chickens are actually pretty cool!!

linda m said...

Love the names for the meat chickens! That is really clever.

Anonymous said...

Christy, You don't have a chicken named Tom Yum Gai Soup? I'm shocked. Also, are there many brew pubs near your farm? Or do you make your own beer now?

Christy said...

CeeCee - We will look at them soon and try to tell them apart. They are always running around and rarely together.

Rhonda - I sure hope it is a girl. It is a beautiful chicken.

Anonymous - There's no chicken in Tom Yum soup, it's shrimp. We aren't raising shrimp, at least not yet ;). We are only 20 minutes from Athens which is a college town. So, there are brew pubs. We don't get out much though with the boy. There is a good beer store that sells lots of microbrews, so our beer selection isn't suffering. How are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Tom Yum mix up. I was going by the online version of Morningside Thai's menu. They offer both a Tom Yum Gai (chicken) and a Tom Yum Goong (shrimp) soup now. I remember that you both liked Tom Yum soup quite a bit. I was always more of a Tom Kha Gai soup person myself. I'm doing OK. I live in Indianapolis now. I'm really impressed by both your farm and your blog.

Christy said...

Oh, that's my bad then. I didn't realize there was a chicken version. We always got the shrimp version. I miss that restaurant. We haven't had good Thai at a restaurant since we left Houston. I make pretty good Thai here at home, but sometimes you just want to eat out! Are you on Facebook? I don't get on a lot but sometimes. It would be good to catch up. The farm is fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Beautiful birds! I have a Silver Spangled Hamburg and it is a very beautiful bird.

Vicki said...

Lovely chickens! I love the names you've given to your meat birds. We're raising some meat birds too for the first time, and I hope we have enough nerve to butcher them!!!

Leslie said...

You have given them such cute and unique names. They are all very pretty birds too.

Sue said...

Oh, poor meat birds-though I would name one "sesamee chicken"!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

bwahahaah! The meat chicken names are terrific! Love them!

What are your favorite breed of chicken now?
My fave is our Speckled Sussex. I find that they are the most calm, gentle and friendly of all of our other chickens.


Erica said...

What a beautiful bunch of chickens! I love the names of your meat birds also haha, we have 2 extra roo's and have named them crockpot and stew.

Gayle said...

I had some meat birds once...her name was Barbie Que. I forget his?? Anyhow, we are getting ready to build our coop and I was curious is you could post some photos of your coop for ideas. Of course, mine has to stay toasty at 50 below, but my coops of past years were never easy for me. I need to name our flock as well, but kind of waiting to see who makes it through winter.