Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekend to do list

The boys are out of town this weekend, so I've got a whole list of projects to get done. Sometimes things are easier to do when no one is around to distract you. Of course, some things like unloading and stacking hay are easier with help. But I'm frontier woman and I will prevail!

Plant basil - DONE
Plant jalapeno - DONE
plant coneflower - DONE
rig up cistern - DONE
put up tomato cages - DONE
water out front - DONE
pick up hay - DONE
unload and stack hay -DONE
set up ladder on climbing structure
put tarp on sheep cage - DONE
stake down sheep cage - DONE
move guineas to garden - DONE
dishes - DONE
put hay around plants - DONE
set up drip line
weed around sunflowers - DONE
Kaplan grading - DONE
Move mineral feeder - DONE
Make ice cream
make fudge - DONE
make sesame noodles - DONE
make and can salsa
harvest - DONE
fertilize garden
shred and freeze zucchini - DONE
pick blackberries in the neighbor's pasture

I'll update my progress as I go, wish me luck! I started working on the list Friday, so I'm spreading the work out over 3 days and I'll probably make Mark do a few of the things when he gets home.

Update: It is 9:30 Saturday night. I'm done for the day and settling down on the couch with a glass of wine to watch a chick flick.


wandering owl said...

Holy cow! I'm getting tired just lookin' at your list! I pray for that kind of energy!

Christy said...

Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of energy either. Just lots to get done!

Gail said...

What did you do in your spare time???

CeeCee said...

Okay, I get that you are needing to get loads of work done, BUT GIRL!!!!, you got the whole weekend. Get a pedicure, watch the Lifetime channel all day, eat ice cream for every meal, go back to sleep after the livestock has been fed, take a nap, take a bath, walk around in your underwear, sing loudly, jump on the bed.
That might be a little overstated, but please do at least one of these things, just for you--Christy---, the girl that keeps the wheels on things, 365 days a year.

Christy said...

Gail, in my spare time I fill water buckets, clean stalls, chase goats that keep escaping, try to fill the holes they are escaping out of, do laundry, cook dinner....

Christy said...

Cee Cee - I have eaten Crunch Berries for every meal, does that count? I actually enjoy getting a lot done and I can't do it when the boys are around. It is easier to work when I'm alone. And I've watched plenty of TV. And I took a nap yesterday. This is my list for the whole weekend.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

You wore me out just reading your list!!!! I find it easier to do when I'm alone as well! Good luck!

Melody said...

You made fudge?! Can I come over for a visit? ;-)

Wrensong Farm said...

Wow, you ARE THE woman!! I am impressed....I have lots of those lists but I'm lucky to get one or two items done a day!! I love the spare time comment. You spend your spare time in similar endeavors as I spend mine. :)

Sheila Henline said...

I feel you are my "farm sister". I too have 5 acres and with my husband and two duaghters are beginning our journey into farm-dom. I love your goats and chickens! We entered discussions just this past weekend about getting goats...dairy goats. Perhaps you wouldn't mind becoming a email pen pal and we could compare notes. BTW beehives are on my list too! And I've just purchased a spinning wheel! *wink* Here's to the small farmer!