Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The great chicken swap

If you read Sandy's blog, you know she recently got a bunch of chickens, about half of which were Americanas. We've been wanting more Americanas and had 2 silver laced wyandottes we wanted to sell (they are bullies). So, Sandy came up with the idea for the great chicken swap. She got our 2 wyandottes and we got 3 Americanas. This was a good trade because our wyandottes are less than a year old and laying everyday and the 3 Americanas are of unknown age and unknown laying potential.

Here is one of the girls we got rid of.

One of our new girls, Lily

This is Crocus

This is Snowdrop. Logan has been wanting an all white Americana for awhile. He's excited about Snowdrop.

I think one of our new girls laid today.


Brenda said...

The new hens are very pretty and seem to be very gentle! I hope they are good egg layers. My chickens are finally starting to lay after taking most of the winter off ... either that or just hiding their eggs for the winter. I'll probably come across a big batch of eggs some day where they've horded this winter's eggs.

One of my summer projects is to build the chicken house so they will have a regular place to lay their eggs instead of laying them in the goat's hay feeders!

Laura said...

How exciting, I really want Aracaunas or Americanas but I don't want to buy 25 of them from the hatchery. I am really hoping one of the feed stores has them this spring. I have often heard them described as extemely gentle and easy handle.

Spring Lake Farm said...

Woohoo!.....for the Great Chicken Exchange. My new girls are doing well with a slight adjustment period. One of the girls settled right in but the other girl kept flying over the fence the first day. I would chase her back in but she would fly back out. They are now going in at night by themselves so I think they have settled down. Now I just need to integrate the new SLWs to the group. I still haven't decided what to do with the GLWs since they are all debeaked...????

I'm glad to know the girls you got are doing well and I love the names.

Keep me posted!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What color eggs! What color eggs? We have/had 3 Ameracaunas (until Annie recently died. She looked a lot like your Crocus). One laid green eggs, one laid blue, and one laid pink. It's funny how they are the same breed, but the egg color can be so different. I wonder what color eggs Snowdrop will lay? Are her ear lobes white or pink?
If they are white she will lay white knows?! It will be a surprise. hehe!


Gayle said...

I am so jealous I am squirming. Can't wait to place my order and looking forward to eggs in 6-8 months! Your new girls are beautiful.

linda m said...

Love your new chickens and their names. Snowdrop is especially pretty>

CeeCee said...

Hooray for a chicken swap! Looks like your girls are settling right in.

Anonymous said...

The new girls are very nice looking chickens.
That was a good idea on the swap.

Good names too.
Have a great weekend.

Christy said...

Brenda, mine laid all winter. Good girls!

Lisa, so far all we've gotten are greenish blue eggs. Logan really wants pink eggs. I'll have to check Snowdrop's ears.

Jennifer said...

Those are some pretty chickens! Hope you get some colorful eggs from them.

Callie said...

What a great trade. Very pretty hens.

Leslie said...

That was a great swap! You got some very pretty girls. I would like to get a few Americauna hens. My Rooster, Gizmo is an Americauna and very gentle. Interesting how much difference in demeanor between the different breeds.

Zach said...

Oh, new chickens...Yeah! That is very exciting. You will have to let us know how you like the new Americanas. i hear they are very cool birds to have!

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, very nice trade. I have 4 Araucanas and they lay the most beautiful green eggs.


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