Monday, May 10, 2010

The flood in Nashville

I'm sure you've all heard about the flood in Nashville. What you may not know is that my sister lives there. Her house flooded within feet of the roof! She lost everything.

I went there this weekend to help her out. Her house is now totally gutted. All the drywall, flooring, duct work and siding is off the house. It is going to be a VERY long rebuilding process.

Here are some pictures of the flood. I'll have more pictures in a few days of my visit there.

Her house is under the water somewhere in this picture.

Another picture where you can't see the houses that are there.

Her house once she was able to get back to it.
Inside the kitchen
The water line on her house!
The debris piles on her street the day they were able to get back in. The piles are now taller than a person and continuous down the whole street!
The inside of the house after the gutting began. That is my sister in this picture.
It was an incredible weekend. The community support has been amazing. There has been a constant stream of volunteers since Tuesday. They are helping gut houses, delivering food and water, and offering people places to stay. We never lacked for food, water or help. My sister has the best friends ever! They've been there non-stop since this happened doing whatever needed to be done.

She will start rebuilding in a few weeks hopefully. If anyone is near Nashville and would like to help out with construction when we get started let me know. We'll need all the help we can get!

I'm also collecting donations on my paypal account, it is going to cost a lot to rebuild. She is a single woman, working and going to college to get her nursing degree. She doesn't have any money for rebuilding. If you'd like to help out my account is

No amount is too small.

The baby is doing great and just as cute as can be! Logan took great care of her while I was gone.


Gail said...

What a beautiful smile for someone who has faced such a disaster.

Millie said...

I can't believe how she looks so positive about this. It's nice to see the support when its needed.

Gayle said...

I am so sorry for your sister's loss, but she sure seems to have a positive attitude. Good for her!

linda m said...

It is nice to see her smiling with all that is going on. What a great support system she has; she is very fortunate to have them.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That is so horrible! But she's smiling. I don't think I'd be able to with that mess to deal with. I'm impressed that she owns her own house. She looks so young. Doesn't she have flood insurance?


Gooneybush Girl said...

Oh Christy, This puts such a face on the tragedy. I'm so glad that she had you to help. Tragedy is much easier to bear when you aren't alone.