Saturday, March 17, 2007

Things to do in March

I know March is over half over, but I have a lot to get done this month and need help keeping track of it all.

Make newspaper pots (DONE)
Start seeds (DONE)
Plant potatoes
Mulch wildlife garden
Paint picture for Dad's bday present (DONE)
Make 2 tote bags as bday presents (DONE)
Finish collar on Logan's shirt (DONE)
Pot plugs for native plant sale (DONE)
Bring car in for recall
Organize co-op activities (DONE)
Get house ready for in-law visit (DONE)
Make solar cooker
Make mason bee house
Cut Logan's hair (DONE)
Get myself a haircut (I don't cut my own hair)

I also have a few sewing projects I can work on if I get bored LOL. And I teach 2 nights a week, so I have to write lectures and a test this month. I think March might be busy.

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