Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scoping out properties

Mark had a business trip to Winder, GA last week. His company has a plant in Winder and it is 1 of 2 possible locations for our move, the other being Spartanburg, SC. Winder is about 25 miles east of Atlanta. Mark went a day early so he could drive around the area and see if there was anywhere we could move to that would meet our requirements. Winder is sort of a dumpy area, having chemical plants in it, so we wanted to look a bit of a distance from Winder. West of Winder was out because of Atlanta, and east of Winder is pretty much out because of Athens, which is a college town. We are afraid Atlanta and Athens are both going to keep spreading until they meet in the middle, which would be pretty much at Winder. So Mark looked south of Winder and north of Winder.

The south looked basically like the picture below. Flat, dry and not very many trees. There is lots of land down there however.

The area north of Winder was nicer. This picture is starting closer to Winder. You can see it is greener, hilly and has more trees. This area is still pretty populated though.
As you head further north, things get more rural, with small towns and lots of land. It also gets greener, hillier and more treed the further north you go.

Mark thinks there would be no problem finding what we are looking for north of Winder. We should be out of the Atlanta sprawl area. It will be pretty rural though.

We have no idea when or where we may be moving but are hoping it will be this summer.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Well, it looks like you have a few options. Is it possible to snoop around and talk to people in the areas north and south about their impressions of future growth?

What size land are you looking for?

Christy said...

Once we know where we are moving, that is a good idea to talk to people in both areas. We may not end up in Georgia at all though. We are looking for around 10 acres.

karl said...

good luck on finding a place. i just found out that leggy tomatoes are usually caused by low light.