Friday, June 29, 2007


Maybe I'm just in a mood today, but this iPhone thing is really pissing me off! People have waited in line for over 24 hours, here in the rain, to pay over $500 for a studid phone. These are the same people who will say that organic food is too expensive and any environmentally friendly products cost too much. I'm just so dismayed by the priorities of the average American! The mayor of Philly has been in line since 4 am and the phones don't go on sale until 6 tonight. What type of message is that sending to the people of Philly? They showed 13 year old boys in line, where did they get the money for this thing? It is simply ridiculous in my opinion.


Deanne said...

I wholeheartedly agree!

Christy said...

I'm glad to know I'm not totally crazy. DH thought I was over-reacting.

Wendy said...

Until I logged on and started my blog-hop today, I hadn't even heard of an iPhone, and I've seen two posts about it already. Wow, I must be living in some sort of bubble, eh?

It seems similar to all of the electronic-toy phases, though. People stood in line for PS2, Nintendo, tickle me Elmo.

... and I stopped by the Farmer's Market yesterday and didn't stand in line once.

Sad that people's priorities are so skewed.

linda m said...

I totally agree with you. Then you find out that they only work with AT&T phone service (which we have and they rape you with charges and fees). Not only that but they are coming out with the improved version (to fix all the porblems in the existing version) within a year. What a waste of money.