Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today's garden update

I hope I'm not boring everyone with these garden updates but I figured I could use this as my garden journal to keep track of what grows well, when I harvest etc.

Here are my potato plants. I can't believe how big they have gotten!

The potato plants are starting to bloom! They do have a pretty flower. I can't wait until it is covered in flowers.

Our first cucumber that is ready to harvest (I think). I don't remember cucumbers being prickly, it is just the strain I'm growing or do the prickers go away when it is ready to harvest?

The mini-pumpkins are blooming. I even see a little baby pumpkin starting to grow.
My 1 sweet potato slip is doing great! The others didn't make it so this is all I've got.

My brocolli is starting to look like brocolli. 1 head won't go far but it was an experiment.

My Cherokee Purple tomatoes are getting pretty big. Now I just have to wait for them to get ripe.

I've got other plants going too. The Amish Paste tomatoes also have tomatoes on them that are waiting to get ripe. I've been harvesting and using my herbs as we go. The strawberries are getting ripe and Mark is enjoying eating them right off the plant. The hot pepper plants are blooming so we should be getting peppers before too long. I'm starting to see the shoulders of the onion bulbs come up through the dirt, which is just cool. I'm having to water the tomatoes twice a day now, I'm so glad I have a rain barrel full of rain!

I harvested my first batch of purple beans and they were delicious. I didn't get a picture but will be harvesting more tonight or tomorrow so I will try to get a picture of those.


Madeline said...

Looks great! I don't know of prickly cucumbers (that aren't for pickling) but maybe I never noticed the prickles before they changed as they matured.

Thanks for getting me to research Target. I'll do it today.

Christy said...

Ah, they are for pickling. So those are prickly? I know oh so much about most veggies. Of course, I only have 1 right now, not quite enough for pickling at this point.

Silvia said...

Love the picutres!

sallad.net said...

Your garden is so inspiring. Thanks for posting the photos.

Christy said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone. It has been fun and I'm looking forward to harvesting some yummy veggies.

Anonymous said...

The cukes are prickly because of the variety. Most pickling cukes are prickly like that and I'd say it's ready. If you let those get too big they'll start getting bitter and the plant won't produce many.
Once you harvest the brocolli head, the plant should continue to produce off shoots throughout the season. You'll be suprised by how much you can get off from one plant.
Isn't it great watching your child enjoy fresh, organic produce right off the plant. It was like a dream come true for me the first time I saw Aden pick and eat her first strawberries a couple of years ago.

Christy said...

Farm Mom, thanks for the great info! I picked the cuke and will wait until I have a few more to try to pickle them. Glad to know I'll get more from my brocolli plant. Logan loves to eat herbs right off the plant. Today when he had a friend over he was eating rosemary off the plant, his friend thought he was crazy!

frugalmom said...

New here. Love the pics of all the plants! We have tried the container gardening in the past and just don't seem to have as much luck or bounty as we do in the ground. Don't know why.

linda m said...

Christy, your garden looks terrific. I can't believe how well plants grow in containers.
My grape tomato plant is also doing quite well. thanks for the advice on the container you gave me.

Christy said...

Frugalmom, I'd love to plant in the ground, I know I could plant a lot more. However, DH has given up as much lawn as he is willing to for my wildlife gardens. Sigh, when we move I plan to have BIG gardens.