Friday, June 29, 2007

One Local Summer - Week 1

I've decided to sign up for One Local Summer sponsored by Liz at Pocket Farm Each week for the next 10 weeks, I need to make 1 dinner from local ingredients. Tonight was our first local dinner.

The dinner consisted of:

New York Strip, grass-fed, pastured beef from Rumbleway Farm - 25 miles

Asparagus and Royal Purple Beans sauted in butter and garlic

Asparagus - local farmstand - 10 miles

Beans - my garden - 0 miles

Garlic - Newark Natural Foods - 10 miles to store, not sure where garlic is from but the sign said local

Butter - not local

Sweet Potato Bread made by myself

Sweet potatoes - Newark Natural Foods, same as above

White Bread Flour - Daisy Flour, McGeary Organics, milled in Lancaster PA, wheat grown all over PA and surrounding states, I bought the flour at Rumbleway Farm, but it is about 60 miles to Lancaster

Butter - not local

Yeast - not local

My next major project is to find local butter and cheese. I did find local raw milk today, but I've never had raw milk so I'm not sure if I'm going to get it. The milk we drink now is grass-fed in Lancaster, PA.


Leslie said...

Great start to the OLS challenge, Christy. Just a word on raw milk. For what it's worth, both my parents were physicians and my mother found a raw milk provider for us as kids. He couldn't get his milk approved by the state because his bacteria count was too high. That was just what my mother wanted ... something that would strengthen our immune systems. With the exception of a few 24 hour flu bugs, I have never been sick. When everyone around me is coughing and hacking in the winter, I am without symptoms. I lay it all to the decision to expose us to raw milk at a young age.

Christy said...

Thank you for the information on raw milk. I have been wanting to make mozzarella and I think I will use the raw milk for that first and see how that goes. We can try a little before we turn it into cheese to see how we like it.

karl said...

animal roll call if you'd like to contribute at the pile. we'd like to know your current tally.

Danielle said...

I've been toying with trying to switch to Daisy flour. How do you like it?

Christy said...


I've only used the Daisy flour once but it seemed to work well. I'll keep you updated as I use it more.