Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I liked most about Low Impact Week

Crunchy Chicken asked us what we liked most about Low Impact Week and here is my answer:

I have 2 things I liked the most about Low Impact Week and really can’t pick just one. The first thing I liked the most was feeling like I belong to a community of people concerned about reducing their impact. I live in an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood surrrounded by other upper-middle class surburban neighborhoods. No one here is concerned with the environment or their impact. They are all concerned with who has the biggest house or the newest car or the trendiest clothes. My husband is one of the few people in this neighborhood that mows his own grass, most have those services that spray all sorts of chemicals in addition to doing the mowing. I’m the only one in the neighborhood with a vegetable garden, the neighbors all think I’m crazy. Because this is what I’m surrounded by everyday, I’ve been very depressed about the future. But being part of this community this last week has made me feel much more hopeful. I’ve realized there are people who care and are trying to reduce their impact. Reading what everyone did this week has been very inspirational.

The second thing I liked the most was having the chance to change my thought patterns. I think so much of life is done on auto-pilot, it makes change hard. Plastic bags are a good example for me, about a month ago I bought some reusable bags and have kept them in my car. Sometimes I remembered to bring them in and sometimes I didn’t. Most of the time when I forgot I realized I had forgotten them and asked for no bag. But a few times, I received my plastic bag, went home, and didn’t even realize I’d been handed a plastic bag until I was home unpacking it. It is such a habit to be handed those plastic bags that even when I didn’t want them I sometimes didn’t even notice I had one in my hand. Low Impact Week put all these issues into the front of my mind. I spent the week really thinking about everyone of my actions and the impact of that action as well as ways to reduce that impact. It is now habit to think about these things and I’m living a much more aware life. No more plastic bags will end up in my hands without me noticing. I was even able to kick my diet soda habit by keeping thoughts of my impact front in my mind!


Niobium said...

Good for your for kicking the diet soda habit. For me, kicking the juice habit was hard. And now I can't imagine I ever drank it.

As for the bags, we went through the same thing. Finally what we did is put them on the drivers seat of the car. And we bought extras so they were in BOTH cars. If we forgot them and went into the store, one of us would run out to the car to get it. By making the cashier wait, it annoyed them. And since they're jobs are crappy enough, we didn't want to annoy them too much!

Madeline said...

I used to be a diet soda adddict; wow, it's been 12 years now sine I quit. My MIL, a naturopath showed me info about nutrasweet that freaked me out for life. It's just not worth it. It can cause blindnessa nd all kind of brith disorders and neurological problems (that aren't dagnosed as being form the nutrasweet but when it is stopped the prblems abate). Congratulations on quitting!

Christy said...

Thanks for the congrats on quitting. It wasn't easy at first, but I feel so much better. Now if I even drink a little of one it upsets my stomach. I've discovered some great iced teas lately!

Illoura said...

I love LOVE your ideas, and your format on this blog. We finally got our 10 wild acres, (but no $ for equipement rentals or improvements like deer fencing yet.) I've been practicing many of the same ideals and items on your agenda as well, so have very much appreciated seeing/reading of your planning and results. I'm copying your format for "accomplishments, goals and skills to learn"... thank you for that!
I no longer have kids in school, so homeschool is a topic that I follow for my grandson now (he's less than 2 years old), but the self-sustaining agenda is part of a life that we intend to enbrace as you are doing.
Good luck in your endeavors, I'll be stopping by again!

Christy said...

Illoura, thank you so much for the comments! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Congrats on the land! I hope you enjoy setting it up how you want it to be. I'm so looking forward to when we finally get to move.