Monday, December 10, 2007

Bug-out bag

A couple of months ago I ran across the idea of a bug-out bag (or a 72 hour kit) in a number of places all in 1 weeks time. I took this as a message that I needed to put one together. Logan and I started working on getting all the supplies together over time so the expenditure wouldn't be as large and we now have our bags complete.

I've split the items up between 2 bags with one being much heavier than the other. I figured I'd carry the heavy one and Logan would carry the light one if Mark wasn't around, or if Mark was around he'd carry the heavy one, I'd carry the light one and Logan would be off the hook. The idea is we have to be prepared for some serious walking for 3 days time if an evacuation should become necessary. While natural disasters rarely occur in Delaware, I figure it can't hurt to be prepared and I feel better having the bags packed and ready to go should we need them.

Here are the things in our bags:

Water, 4 liters total
Water filter
Peanut butter crackers
Clif bars
Beef Jerkey
Menstrual supplies
Baking soda
Sunscreen/bug repellent
Hand sanitizer
Lip balm
Camp towel
First aid kit
Space blankets (1 for each)
Hand crank flashlight/radio/emergency siren
Rain ponchos
Waterproof matches and lighter
Disposible gloves
Dust masks
Map of area, including walking trails

Now I need to get to work on amassing the 90 days of essential supplies that the CDC is recommending in case of a flu pandemic. They say to be prepared to not leave your house for 30-60 days if an outbreak occurs.


Chile said...

Woohoo, you got it done! Way to go. Don't you have a sense of relief now?

Liz said...

We must be reading the same stuff because I was recently propelled to do this as well (or maybe it was the tornado warning that did it?) Anyway, I put all of these supplies into a backpack for easy carrying. I also included in my pack a copy of some important papers like driver's licenses and a list of emergency contacts.

Christy said...

Chile - it is nice to have it done.

Liz - Putting copies of the important papers is a good idea. I didn't want to put originals in the bag and for some reason making copies never occurred to me. So thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have enjoyed your blog. Could you please tell me where to find the info regarding the CDC's recommendation of a 90 days of essential supplies? Thanks so much!
Fellow Farm Dreamer

Christy said...

On the CDC site I can find info talking about 2 weeks of supplies but I know I read somewhere that that wouldn't be enough for a true pandemic, that you would need 90 days. Here is the link talking about 2 weeks, this is linked directly from the CDC page.

When I find where I was reading about 90 days, I'll post that.

Christy said...

I can't find anywhere that says CDC recommends 90 days of supplies but I've found a lot of other organizations recommending 90 days, including the state of PA. Here are a few links:

I'll keep looking, I know I read somewhere that CDC recommended it, but that may have been false info since the CDC webpage only says 2 weeks which won't be nearly enough for a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your response. I just read an article in Mother Earth News that quoted the CDC as stating all Americans should stockpile 90 days of essential supplies. On a flu board that I frequent, there was some discussion of this statement (unfortnately) not being true. No one else could find reference for it either. I thought maybe you might have seen something somewhere. I did find a mention of it at this website....

Christy said...

I think that is where I read it too now that you mention it. It is unfortunate that they mis-quoted, however I think the advice is still good. What flu board do you frequent?

Anonymous said...



Jane said...

The advice to have a 90-day supply was given by the US State Dept. to citizens living in foreign countries. It was issued in a Warden Message. Sorry, but I haven't found a link. They seemed to be saying that some countries would have worse supply problems than others but weren't specific.

Charles Brawnyson said...

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