Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My farm

Aren't I cute?


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! :)

linda m said...

I love it!! That is just so cute. However, you forgot the fence for around the sheep. Are there any other animals you may want for your Farm?

Deanne said...

That is cute! I wonder if a 3-D vision scene works even better than a vision board? ;) Can't wait to see!

Christy said...

Mom - Where we have the farm set up right now there isn't room for the fence. I'll get it set up sometime. Plus, I like having my sheep free-range ;), that way they can come say hi to me. I got some goats and a duck pond for Logan for Christmas to go with it all. That is when we will move it and set up the fence. Logan had said the pigs might be fun to have but I elected not to ge those at this time. I don't want to expand too fast.

Deanne- Good thought! I hadn't thought that of it as a 3-D vision. It has to be more powerful than a vision board.

Danielle said...

Wow, I thought for sure that's exactly what it was for you—a 3-D vision, and one that you can play with, to boot!

It's so cute!