Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Farm expansion

We expanded our farm for Christmas and moved it to a permanent location. Here is the overview of the whole farm.

Here is a close up of our animal area. Notice the animals are all very friendly and come right up to us. We added Logan to the farm and hope to add Mark at a future date. Maybe he will bring us a tractor?
Here is the barn my mother in law gave me for Christmas, it is the perfect addition to the farm. And we have our vegetable garden right in front of it.
Here is our wildlife area with a pond and some woodlands.

All that is missing is our orchard. I'll have to find some trees to add.


hillbilly2be said...

I had used cardboard and crayons to play with ideas for our layout, but arranging a farm set looks like a lot more fun. :)

It sure is motivating to visualize one's goals.


Deanne said...


Christy said...

Ron - it was fun and motivating!
Deanne - thanks, I smile every time I walk past it.