Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter flowers

I know it isn't officially winter yet, but it sure feels like it here. I really dislike winter and tend to get depressed so I have a few blooming plants in the house to keep my spirits up.

This amaryllis has 9 flowers on it! I've never had one get so many flowers.
The hybiscus spends the summer outside and comes in for the winter. It always seems to like being in the house and will bloom all winter. It currently has 3 flowers on it.


Anonymous said...

the vivid deep plush colors are so in tune for the holiday season.

linda m said...

Your amaryllis is beautiful. I've never seen one with that many flowers on it. What do you "feed" it and where is it located? I agree with you about winter. I find the dark days very depressing and your idea to brighten up the house with blooming flowers in an excellent one.

Deanne said...


Erikka said...

I have not seen an amaryllis with 9 flowers either! I was so excited when mine got one!

Maybe you should also have christmas lights (small ones, LED ones) in the house. I find if I turn those on, the world feels a little brighter and cozier.

Christy said...

Mom - I haven't feed it at all. I sometimes water it when I remember. It is on the kitchen table so it doesn't get a lot of sun.

Erikka - I like the idea of the Christmas lights. I've started taking vitamin D, it is supposed to help with winter depression.

hillbilly2be said...

Christy - beautiful flowers!

I felt mighty down when we lived in Minnesota, during the winter. We got some "daylight" florescent bulbs, and they really did seem to make a difference. Lots and lots of people feel down in winter, with less sunlight - you are most definitely not alone.

It's no fun being bummed. I hope the clouds part for you. Things will get better, the sun will continue to rise and set, and before ya know it - summer will be here in all of its glorious activity.

Take care,

Christy said...

Ron - Thanks for the good wishes. I haven't felt too down yet, too busy with the holidays I guess. It is the end of February, beginning or March that things get pretty bad for me. I'll try some of those bulbs and I hope the vitamin D helps.