Sunday, October 5, 2008

My sister's blog

My sister just started a blog:

So far it is a political blog, her search to find the truth behind everything we're hearing during this election period.

I will warn you that she, like myself, has libertarian leanings. We are both planning on voting 3rd party, either libertarian or constitution party. If you aren't happy with the Mcbama choice like so many I've talked to, please consider voting 3rd party. We'll never get legitimate choices if we don't start demanding them.


Robin said...

I'm voting third party, too. I have no faith in any of the four thrown in our faces now. Can't wait to read your sister's blog!

Melody said...

I agree. I was a whole-hearted supporter of Ron Paul until people decided that they really wanted a king, not freedom, and voted him out of the Republican race.

He is endorsing Baldwin now, and I looked at his platform and am seriously considering him.

I really liked Badnarik in 2004. I was sad he lost. I really wish more people liked freedom, because we are losing it fast.

Christy said...

I'm glad to find some who agree. This is my first year being a third party supporter so I'm pretty excited about it. It has just gotten to the point where I don't see any difference between the 2 major parties. Neither cares about us or freedom.

linda m said...

I read you sister's blog - very good. Other than my Congressman he really is one of the few good ones)I really don't feel anyone up on Capitol Hill cares about us "little" people; they are just out for their own politcal agenda and don't care about anything or anyone else. Maybe we need a third party person in the Oval Office.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok, this conversation seriously scares me. It's too LATE to vote third party. This will change NOTHING. It will make NO statement. No politician will CARE. All it will effectively do is allow everyone else in America to make our next presidential choice FOR you.
Signed, Danni in Oregon who is still fretting about the one and only time she thought she could make a statement (and a difference) by voting Green Party (Ralph Nader) in 2000 and wound up with George effin Bush as president.

Christy said...

Bush would have been president anyway. I'm not voting out of fear anymore. I'm voting my conscience. We can't let fear make our decisions for us. And frankly, I don't like either of the main candidates and don't care which one wins.

If enough people vote 3rd party it will make a difference. As long as people vote for one of the 2 main parties out of fear we'll never have any other choices.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Good for you in being true to yourself and your beliefs and trying to make change happen.

It all starts with a tiny mustard seed, doesn't it?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Christy,

Also as a side note, sort of on the same lines, I thought you, as a fellow homeschooler/unschooler might know of or be appreciative of this unique option for children's education.

Democratic School

Apparently democratic schools give students the power to choose what to do with their time. There are no required classes, and sometimes there is no requirement to take classes at all. Students are free to choose an activity that they desire, or feel the need to do. They are free to continue activities for as long or short a time as they see fit. In this way they learn both self-discipline and self initiation.

Students also gain the advantage of the increases in both learning speed and learning retention that accompany engagement in an activity that one is passionate about. The students at these schools are responsible for and empowered to direct their own education from a very young age.

I'm very fascinated. It sounds like a mix between Montessori and Unschooling.
If so, I like it!

And anything that returns freedom of education choice back to families is a good thing, I think :)


Christy said...

Lisa - I've read about democratic schools. Some of them are pretty good and some not so much. If Logan had to go to school, I'd look for one of those. They do still have an attendance requirement, because the state requires that, so it isn't totally unschooling, but a good option if you have to do school.

Maile said...

Hey! Cool! A blog with me in it! Good points Christy. It has been a blessing to have you also be third party voting, especially since our brother chewed my head off.

For the record, many independants lean towards the rebublican side of things, so voting third party doesnt always mean taking away a vote from a democrat.

To be honest though, I dont care. It's this sort of thinking that has landed us in this mess with no party really doing anything about what needs to be done. Its just rhetoric. And Ron Paul is getting quite a following these days, so its quite a bit different than voting for Nader 8 years ago.

Come on people! Wake up! We need REAL change.

Christy said...

Maile - Exactly!