Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political quizzes

I generally try to avoid getting political on my blog, but it seems that this election I've run into a lot of people who aren't happy with either of the 2 big candidates and are wishing they had another choice. So, I'm here to remind them that they do have another choice, there are many 3rd party candidates.

Don't let people tell you that voting 3rd party is wasting your vote, it just isn't true! With the electoral college system only votes from a few states really count anyway. I lived in Texas for 2 elections, Texas always votes republican, so my vote there didn't matter, which ever way I voted, the votes from Texas were going to the republican. I've now lived in Delaware for 2 elections, same story, other party. I've voted out of fear, I've voted for the lesser of 2 evils and must say it wasn't satisfying. This year I'm voting what I really believe and for once I feel like my vote will really matter.

Gore did not lose the election because of the 3rd party candidate. Gore lost the election because of how Florida voted. Someone's vote for Nader in Washington State, or Alabama, had no affect on the outcome. Don't let people scare you into not voting 3rd party if that is what you truly believe. The republican party started as a 3rd party and look at them now! If enough people agree with a 3rd party, they can be a viable alternative.

I also run into a lot of people who really aren't sure what party they agree with. They think they are democrat because their family was growing up but when you start telling them things the democrats believe in they don't agree. Same with republican. I think more people are 3rd party than they realize.

So, here are 2 political quizzes I found to be pretty good at helping you realize where you fall politically and what parties may agree with you. We have more than 2 choices and it is time for
Americans to really understand that. Of course, if you do really agree with one of the 2 main parties, that's great. By all means, vote what you believe. It is just that many of us don't.

You don't have to share your results, but I do encourage you to take the quizzes. You may realize you've been voting for the wrong guy all these years. I did....


Maile said...

You rock! I just posted a video of Ron Paul on facebook and am also urging people to vote third party if they want real change. I am so glad you also get it!

About to post that video on my blog, so check it out

Anonymous said...

Very cool quiz! Turns out I'm more hardcore than I thought I was! ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've never felt much likea democrat, but tended to vote that way in the past, if the candidate fit.
But I've been getting progressively frustrated over the years because I didn't seem to fit either party.

Now I know why.
That first quiz said my percentage points were higher for:
Libertarian Party 72%
Reform Party 72%
Constitution Party 71%

And the second quiz said I was a Moderate with Libertarian 'tendancies'. I would agree with that.

Thanks for sharing those quizzes and your views on voting with your conscious and not just your 'assigned' party.

Good stuff.


Deanne said...

Those were really interesting quizzes. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Maile said...

well, this is hard to believe, but I am 90% Libertarian. Gosh. Who would have guessed?

linda m said...

I am 90% Constitutionalist on the first and 71% Libertarian on the second. The second also said I would best "fit" a hard core Republican. Go figure! I am also weighing my options on voting third party as I really don't like either the Democats or the Republicans. Neither party has been high on my approval ratings lately. Good luck with the move!

Christy said...

Lisa - Welcome to the wackos! LOL. I am very much a libertarian but didn't know until the last year. I also used to vote democrat but wasn't always happy with it.

Maile - WOW! You're even crazier than I am! I only get 80% libertarian.

Mom - Voting 3rd party is fun and so freeing! Just do it!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Interesting. I scored highest on Reform Party and Lowest on Democratic Party on the first test. Then I scored as a Democrat on the second! How does that work?! Maybe I need to pay more attention to politics so I know how to vote on these things...