Saturday, December 5, 2009

Funny animals

This morning I went down to do morning chores as usual but the animals were being funny. First Calendula jumped on my shoulder and just rode around. Sweet Pea the sheep is in heat, so she was glued to my leg, we call her velcro sheep when she is in heat. Because she is the leader and spent the morning stuck to my leg, the rest of the animals also hung around instead of going down on pasture. So, I'm trying to clean the stall and fill water buckets with a chicken on my shoulder, a sheep on my leg and the goats chewing on my pants. Nebula, the sheep that is scared of us, was also hanging around in the stall while I tried to clean it. I literally couldn't turn around without tripping over an animal, and every time I turned around and tripped, the chicken on my shoulder had to flap her wings to keep her balance. It was an interesting morning in the stall! The chores did get done, although they took longer than usual. As I was walking back up to the house Sweet Pea was crying at me the whole time. I felt terrible about coming in but I can't spend all day out there, I have papers to grade.

To top it all off, all the girls who are laying decided instead of laying in their normal, individual spots, that they all wanted to lay in Buttercup's spot. I'm not sure how Buttercup feels about this. It does make collecting eggs easier for me though. I'm not sure why everyone is acting funny today, maybe the change in the weather?


Gail said...

A coming change in the weather affects all the animals here. Now, if we could learn to read them, we would not need a weatherman.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

FUNNY images! This made me laugh. :-)

Jamie Allen said...

email me and let me know where in GA you live please. I also live in GA.


Razzberry Corner said...

Yes, animals are affected by the weather. I've always noticed the animals act differently before a storm. I was told they could feel pressure changes or something. Like Gail said, if we could just learn to read them... Your story made me laugh - thanks! :)

Fouquette said...

I only wish you had a video camera so I could see you with your flock :) I was giggling the whole time that I was reading!


CeeCee said...

Too bad no one was there with a video camera!
Thanks for sharing a fun mental picture. :)