Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Green eggs and ham

We have green eggs! Dr. Suess would be proud. (Ignore the dirty window sill, that is embarrassing)!

Our beautiful girl Sweet Cecily has started laying. Being an Americana, she lays colored eggs. Her color is this pale green.

We still have another Americana that isn't laying yet. Logan is hoping for pink eggs from her. 5 of our 8 girls are now laying. Soon, we will be rolling in eggs and begging people to take them. I never meant to have this many layers, but the chickens just seem to find their way here.


Razzberry Corner said...

Sweet Cecily is beautiful! Congrats on the green eggs! How old is Sweet Cecily? We have several Americana chicks; they are about 50 days old now. I was told Americanas are late layers... I can't wait till I get eggs, but I have a ways to wait!

Melody said...

Feel lucky! My hens rarely laid last summer. I'm hoping for a recovery in the springtime.

CeeCee said...

Beautiful egg and hen! You're so lucky to be getting so many eggs. I remember those days :) My hens are nearly 5 years old and take the winter off laying.

PS>>>wouldn't have even noticed the 'dirty' windowsill if you hadn't said anything. :)

Zachary and Jennifer said...

I don't think we ever meant to have more that 3-4 hens either, but they are just so irresistible... I think the joy of having them outweighs the over abundance of eggs. Plus you never know when a predator will strike and you don't want to be left with not enough or any hens.

Deviled eggs makes eggs disappear quickly. :-D


Gayle said...

Cool egg....beautiful chicken. I can't wait to have layers again. I really miss my chickens.

linda m said...

Oh wow, how cool is that! If I lived closer I would help out with the disposal of eggs for you by taking some. They sure were good - the best I've ever eaten.

Gail said...

I wish we lived closer and we would give you roosters of your choice!

Spring Lake Farm said...

How exciting. I can't wait for our first blue/green and my first dark brown egg. :)

The Buffs have finally started laying. Yeah! Between the BRs & the BOs we are averaging around 4 eggs a day (and I don't think all of them are laying yet).

Let's get together soon!


melanie said...

Begging people to take them??? No, no...sell them. Then you can buy more chickens, and have more eggs, and well you know...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oooh, what a lovely shade. I had hoped that Sparrow, my Easter Egg chicken would lay green, but she gives me pinkish brown. Which is pretty much what all the other girls give me, too. lol. Except for Dottie, my polish, who lays white.
What a fun treat that must've been to find, Christy. congrats.

Christy said...

Lynn, she hatched at the end of April. I still have 1 Americana and 1 speckled sussex that aren't laying yet.

Jennifer, I don't mind having all the chickens. We really love them.

Gail - we already have more roosters than we need, but thanks for the offer.

Sandy - I will email you. I'd love to get together soon. We are averaging 3-4 eggs a day now.

Melanie - the regulations to sell eggs in GA are a pain to follow. I could sell them to people I know, but I'd rather give them to friends.

Fouquette said...

Beautiful and delicious looking!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on the green eggs. We have three Ameracaunas. One lays pale green eggs, one lays pale blue eggs and one lays pink eggs. I think it's weird how you never know what color you'll end up with this breed.

My Cukoo Marans layed her first egg the other day and they are supposed to be dark chocolate colored. hah! The darn egg is army green! It's disturbing. lol! I hope this egg is just a test run and her next eggs will be darker and not so green.
The Welsummers are laying gorgeous dark brown eggs now. They are so pretty!

We get between 5-7 eggs a day now. My hens are done with their molt and have picked back up again with egg laying. I keep a light on in their house 24/7, but mostly just to keep the water from freezing and to keep it warmer inside for them.

We sell our eggs in the summer , probably about 2-5 dozen a week. But during the winter, with all the baking and cooking we do, each egg is precious and none go to waste. We use them all.

I think this summer some of our extra eggs will go to the dogs and back to the chickens. The dog's coats look so shiny and healthy when they consume eggs and it adds extra nutrients and protein for the chickens.

Enjoy your colorful eggs, Christy!


Tina T-P said...

Don'tcha just love those green eggs? Our three hens that we have left are old (9 or 10 years, I think) but they still lay in the spring - Enjoy the fruits of their labors, so to speak :-) t.

Illia said...

Beautiful hen and eggs! Although I must say, and it goes for the other commenters too - This is an Easter Egger, not an Ameraucana. Ameraucanas are a true breed that only lays a bluish colored egg, and does not come in this color. Easter Eggers are mutts and what hatcheries sell and claim as Ameraucanas - Nothing wrong with EE's, I have two, they're just not the same.