Sunday, December 20, 2009

Target Practice

No self respecting farm blog would be complete without the occasional gun post. Over Thanksgiving, my dad and sister came to visit and we pulled out the pellet guns for a little target practice in the front yard.

Mark took a turn.
My sister, Maile took a turn.
Logan took a turn, he prefers the pistol to the rifle.
Nice shot! Thanks for the targets Grandpa Joe.
Time to re-load, this was my job most of the time.
Logan got his sling shot out to try. The gun is much easier.
Maile doing her Sarah Palin impression.
Me doing my Sarah Palin impression.
Logan showing Grandpa how to use the gun.
Grandpa takes a turn.
I took a few turns too, but you guys have already seen pictures of me shooting. Pellets guns are a lot of fun to practice with.

We have a friend who wants to come over and do some target practice. We're exciting about this because they have better guns than we do. We're thinking about getting a pistol someday but would love to try a couple out first. Hopefully, we can find a time to have our friend over.

Cute animal pictures coming soon.


linda m said...

Great pictures! Grandpa Joe says your welcome for the targets ( not that he remembers leaving them there).

Maile said...

I think your Sarah Palin impression is better. Not sure what that says about us, though.

Gail said...

Love the impressions, especially yours.

Logan has grown so much!

Never know when you might need to kill an invading varmit in the chicken house. It is good to have a gun, but always be safe.

Merry Christmas

Spring Lake Farm said...

How fun! I love to shoot. Can I come over for target practice sometime???

Christy said...

Sandy, of course. That would be fun!

Kelly or Alex said...

I agree about target practice being fun. I personally love paint ball. ESPECIALLY when the kids are the targets. With the proper equipemnt it doesn't hurt too much. LOL.

Merry Christmas

Linda said...

Neat pictures Christy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Go Grandpa! Go Logan!

Great shot of the target exploding all over the place. lol!

Looks like fun was had by all.