Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe I’ve had this blog for 3 years! This blog has seen me through a lot of changes. I also can’t believe that some of you have been with me from the beginning. Are you gluttons for punishment or what?! You saw me through the beginning of the dream, when living on a farm was just a wild idea. You saw me through the year of trying to convince Mark I was serious. You saw me through the awful year of trying to sell the house and get moved. The times when I literally felt like I was sufficating living in suburban hell. You were there when it almost all fell apart and we almost had to move back to Delaware. And you’ve been there for my first year on the farm, all the ups and downs. I owe so much to you guys. You helped me stay strong during the bad times and you’ve helped me celebrate the good times. I honestly think without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Just for fun, here is the first picture I ever posted. It was in a post about nature deficit disorder.

I was feeling nostalgic and starting looking back through old posts and I realized a few things. I used to really wax philosophical on this blog! I feel like now I just do drive by posts; "here’s a few pictures of the animals, we are fine, bye." I kind of miss that old, philosophical me. I also realized I’ve let a lot of things go that I used to do. Things like sewing, crochet, baking, writing, painting, and photography. . Between the farm, Logan’s activities, and my online teaching job I feel there is little time for me anymore. In the evenings, by the time we get home from Logan’s activities, I take care of the animals, make dinner, and do the dishes, it is usually 9. I then still have an hour or more of work for my classes. I need to get better about doing more during the day, and doing my work during Logan’s activities. I’d like to free up that time from 9-11 in the evenings.

In the spirit of nostalgia, I thought it would be fun to revisit some old posts. Give my new friends a chance to know me as more than just the woman with the funny goats and a hawk problem. Here are a few of my favorite posts from the last 3 years. Some of these are favorites not because of what I wrote, but because of the discussion in the comments.

I hope you all will still be here next year when we celebrate number 4!


Zach said...

Awe wow, that is amazing. Your story is one of the best that I have ever seen on a blog. Good luck to you on year 4.

CeeCee said...

Just think how much your life has changed in just the last year? So many animals. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Where has the time gone? I keep getting surprised by bloggers who bring up things that happened last year or a couple years ago.....and I remember them just like they happened last year!

How does that happen? Is blogging like a time warp or something??!!

You've come a long way baby!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

gah! "Just like they happened last month"...not year. Sorry!


Christy said...

To me it seems like so long ago. That year of trying to move seemed like at least 3!

Zach, thanks! It has been a long strange trip...

linda m said...

Congratulations on your "3 Year Anniversary". Seems like just yesterday that you started blogging. It is amazing how far you have come in such a short time. Good luck in year 4.

Spring Lake Farm said...

It was fun reading some of the older posts!

How are the chickens? Have they enjoyed free ranging again? Also, did the little white pullet join the flock?


Gail said...

I remember when it was just a dream. I remember when the dream came true. I remember the move and the search for the perfect name. I remember Logan being smaller!

It's been great and I will be with you in the years to come.

Deb said...

You've had quite a journey in the last three years!! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished.
I look forward to following along on year 4 :)

Christy said...

Sandy, I haven't let the chickens out yet. Sometime this week I think. The white one can't decide what she wants to do. She's followed me into the coop a few times, then followed me out a few times.

The brat attacked me twice yesterday. So, I carried him around for 15 minutes like a baby on his back. He avoided me like the plaque today!

Maile said...

That is really cool. What a long journey, and its just begun. Isn't life cool? I love seeing how we get from point A to point B, and all the craziness that goes with it.

I am proud of you. I also think freeing up time to pursue some passions will help a lot. As a scanner, we need to have a passion, or we start to go stir crazy. Lucky for us, there is no shortage of things we are interested in!

Melody said...

Happy Blog-iversary! :) I've been around for about 2 of your 3 years!

Wendy said...

Happy blogiversary ;).

It is amazing to look back on the blogging and realize how long it's been. I've been invited to do a podcast, and when I was thinking about some of the topics we might cover, I realized that this year will be my fourth blogiversary. I've been writing about local foods and my Peak Oil-related anxieties since 2006. Time certainly does fly!

I'm glad you're still plugging away at it, and really glad that you've been sharing your farm dreams come true with us suburban voyeurs ;).

Brenda said...

Christy ~ I have to admit that I'm new to reading your blog ... but find it very enjoyable. Thank you for including links to your favorite blog posts from your past. I enjoyed these very much.

My daughter "unschools" her 2 sons, my grandsons. When they go out to a restaurant, they always get positive comments from people who don't even know them about how wonderful the boys behave in public. I think it's because they are confident and know what is expected of them.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your 3 year blog anniversary! Time sure does fly sometimes. Think I will read some of your older posts today!