Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

I need to write my goals down for the coming year. I’ve been unfocused and goal-less for the last 2 or 3 months. It has made me restless and irritable. I’m the type of person that needs to be working towards something.

• Sign up for an exercise class - either dance or Tai Chi
• Explore Buddhism more fully
• Learn Small Circle Jujitsu
• Crochet a sweater
• Find people to help me with my goals, I’m tired of going it alone most of the time
• Make new friends and strengthen my current friendships
• Help Logan with his goals anyway I can (even if it means going outside my comfort zone)
• Get back into photography
• Volunteer with Logan again (I miss doing this)

• Figure out my overall focus for the farm (this will be a future post)
• Expand goat herd – I’d still like a couple of pygoras
• Plant more berry bushes
• Plant more fruit trees
• Improve garden soil
• Research and decide if I want to do bees
• Plant medicinal herbs and learn to make more herbal remedies
• Do something with Sweet Pea’s fleece
• Have more success in the garden this year

• Expand food storage
• Build and use more efficient solar oven
• Become more confident with my rifle
• Learn to shoot a pistol
• Set up another water cistern
• Explore alternative energy sources
• Start canning again (I didn’t do any in 2009)
• Start sewing again (Again, didn’t do any in 2009)
• Learn to pressure can

I really neglected my prepping in 2009, getting the farm established was the focus. I’m glad I learned so many of the prepping skills in the 2 years before we moved here!

Logan wanted to share his goals too.

• Learn to do a 540
• Beat an established grappler in a fair match, maybe at a tournament
• Learn to do a round off, back hand spring
• Win a sparring match at a tournament
• Learn to do a num-chuk routine
• Compete in another combat robot competition
• Learn pressure points
• Finish weaving place mat
• Learn Bollywood dancing
• Learn to do a flip turn
• Learn to do back stroke
• Milk the goat


Gail said...

At first I thought you said GOAT-less, oh, my, I was in a panic. Then I reread it. Although goal-less may be as scary as goat less.

These are some wonderful goals for both of you.

You have done so much since you came to the farm. Good job!

Razzberry Corner said...

Wow, you have some goals there! Makes me want to sit down & write my list!! Happy 2010!

Christy said...

Gail, goat less would be WAY worse than goal less. How did I live without goats?

trying4two99 said...

Okay, try FIT tv on direct tv! That's what I've been doing. The park that we meet at sometimes has a track! We cAn start walking if you want too! If you volunteer with a Disney group you'll get free tickets to Disney world.. Visit their site for more info And to sign up with one of these groups! We are planning a shooting day up in LulA! You are more than welcomed to join us! I would really like to get to know you and Logan better, maybe Winston and I can come up to the farm!

Christy said...

Jennifer, we'd love to have you out to the farm! I exercise here at home and go swimming once a week, but I'm wanting something more organized and social. Now a shooting day in Lula sounds great! Logan and I like to shoot.

Linda said...

Those are really good goals Christy!

linda m said...

Those are some great goals you and Logan have set for yourselves. Good luck with them. I should do the same for myself. Guess I'll have to think about that.

Kathie said...

Those are amazing goals! I hope 2010 provides many blessings.

Trebs said...

Hi guys!
Glad to see you are all doing so well and living your dreams! Great list of stuff to do. Havent checked in in a while, but all is well here too. We have three restaurants as regular customers now and we are at the easy part of the year in terms of labor. Yee-hah! :) We actually could screw up and turn a profit one of these years....We have had some fantastic farm volunteers this year and got a lot done.
Happy New Year!

Christy said...

Trebs!!! So great to hear from you. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch. I'll be better. I'm glad things are going well. 3 restuarants, that's great. Congrats. How is Loretta? We miss her. And the piggies? We are having such a good time. Some farm volunteers would be great! Especially this spring when I will have so much garden work to do. Thanks for commenting.

RiverBend Farm said...

Girl, you have got a list! My big goal this year is frugal living and with that, we're contemplating bees too. Hard decision.
Good luck with your list. That's pretty overwhelming.

Christy said...

The list this year is smaller than last year's. I feel good about being able to accomplish my list this year.

Jason said...

I need to make me a short list like this too. And btw, pressure canning isn't anything to be intimidated by (though I was at first). I did some with my first garden a couple years ago and this past year I just canned with hot water. It is more involved and takes longer but is fairly easy. My one tip would be that when you are putting water in for the first time and you think "this can't be enough water?!" just go with it, because if you overfill it you might as well go get a towel to start soaking up all the water that is going to come out the vent on top. Good Luck!

C-re said...

I'm so glad your list is as long as mine! LOL!!!!

I skipped most of my canning this year. I froze instead. One of my goals is to get a pressure canner so it can happen faster and I can do dried beans into cooked beans. I'm planning a garden expansion...or better planning...and a bigger herb area. I really want more seasonal gardening. Lettuce, onions, garlic, potatoes, etc.

Have you been to Sandy Creek Park near Athens? Trails and lakes and all that. And there's a tiny zoo in Athens as well.

Christy said...

C-re, I froze instead too. I plan to pull the blackberries out and make jam with them sometime this month. I have a friend that wants to learn to can so I have to coordinate with them. I'm only a few miles from Sandy Creek, so I have been there. We've also been to Bear Hollow (the little zoo). It is cute.

wisewoman said...

I would recommend checking out to find those people to go along for the ride. Meetup connects people with common interests (not a dating site). I'm an organizer for a group in my town for women to come together & make friends. We have over 40 women in our group now & have really connected people. We have people who like to run, have tea, garden in the community gardens, etc... it's great! Good luck with your goals!!

Claire said...

Wow, I like this goals post. I think I might need to do one like this. I've noticed that you've missed out any goals related to spinning. Ahem. Just sayin'