Thursday, January 25, 2007


I finished my first quilt. I guess it isn't technically a quilt since it doesn't have any batting or backing, but I made the squares and put them together with a border. Logan picked out the design and all the fabrics, it is going to be a wall-hanging for his room. I hand-sewed the squares but used my new sewing machine to put the squares together with the border. I'm now working on a real quilt for his bed that will have batting and such.

Next month I'm going to take a sewing class and learn to make clothes. The pattern they having us doing at the class is pajamas that consists of a T shirt top and elastic waist pants. I'm excited by this pattern because what I want to sew is clothes for Logan and all he wears is T shirts and elastic waist pants. He will have so much fun picking out fabric for his shirts and pants! I just hope DH doesn't have a heart attack when Logan wants pants with butterflies all over them. My boy does love the beautiful things in life!

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