Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yesterday was a day of harvesting root vegetables. I wanted some potatoes for dinner and hadn't tried to harvest any of my potatoes yet, so yesterday was the big day. Logan and I went out and started digging around in the container the potato plants are in. At first we weren't finding anything and I was starting to get worried but we kept digging and finally found one! We dug up a little less than 1/4 of the container and got a pretty good haul I think. Searching for potatoes is so much fun! Everytime we found one Logan and I would cheer.

I also harvested some onions and a carrot yesterday. Here is yesterday's whole haul.

I finally made pickles with my cucumbers. I decided to make bread and butter pickles since they are my favorite. I got 3 jars worth and they are really good! And my sweet potato plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is now blooming, I get 2 or 3 flowers on it everyday. The flowers are really pretty.

Isn't this pepper plant just the cutest thing?


Danielle said...

I just made pickles, too! I made garlic dill spears, our favorites around here.

Your sweet potatoes look way, way better than ours. Jim harvested our fingerlings the other day, and we got little more than your haul here from about 10-12 plants or so. Potatoes are totally bummin' me out.

Wendy said...

Your harvest looks awesome! And I have to say that your sweet potato plant makes me a little jealous. Mine don't look anything near as pretty ... maybe we have a different variety ... hmm??

Way to go on the pickles! I'm still trying to fill a jar of cukes for dill pickles. Almost there ....

linda m said...

Wow! Those are some great looking potatoes. Save some of your pickles for my next visit. I'd like to try them.

Christy said...

Danielle - this was the harvest from 4 potato plants.

Wendy- I don't know what variety the sweet potato is, it was what they were selling at our organic food co-op. I grew the slips myself from a potato I bought. Only 1 slip made it but it has grown wonderfully. I can't wait to harvest!

Mom - I forgot to get the pickles out when you were here. I'll make sure there are some left next time you come. I think they are really good.

Faith said...

Those bread & butter pickles look yummy!