Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OLS-Week 10

Our last week (sob!). I've really enjoyed this challenge, it has been educational, fun, and at times really frustrating. I've had to learn to be happy with where I am and not expect perfection. I've really increased the amount of local food that is now being bought on a regular basis. I've put up a fair amount of local food so we can keep eating at least some local food during the winter. And I've learned how to make a lot of things with local ingredients instead of buying the pre-made, non-local version.

This week for our local meal we had Potato-corn chowder and homemade crescent rolls.

The breakdown:

Potato-corn chowder:

Potatoes - my garden - 0 miles
Corn - Hazeye Farm -Newark, DE - 6 miles
Milk- Natural by Nature - 24 miles
Onion - Hazeye Farm - 6 miles
Basil - my garden - 0 miles
Bacon - Rumbleway Farm - 25 miles
Green onion - my garden - 0 miles
Black Pepper - not local

The corn, potatoes, basil and green onion were all picked that day!

Crescent rolls:
Flour - Daisy Flour - 60 miles
Milk - Natural by Nature - 24 miles
Egg - Whimsical Farm - 4 miles
Sugar- not local
Yeast - not local
Butter - not local, but I've found a source of local butter

I've loved reading about everyone else's meals and have picked up a bunch of recipes to try. I can't wait for next summer!


AnneO said...

Christy ~ your blog is SO inspiring! No...actually, I take that back. *You* are so inspiring, with your *Skills to Learn* and *Things to Do*, and all of your farm dreams, written up and photographed so beautifully!

Thank you!!

Christy said...

Thanks Anne! I don't feel inspiring most of the time. I'm really trying to give myself credit from what I've accomplished and stay focused on that.