Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stocking up

This is the first year I've ever put up food for the winter. I haven't done a lot and it certainly isn't enough to get us through the winter (although we will have enough corn to get through the winter). I learned to can and made many things I've never made before to preserve stuff while it was in season. Here is my list of what I've preserved so far.

6- ½ pints blackberry jam
4 pints apple sauce
6 pints tomato sauce
3 pints bread and butter pickles
24 ears of whole kernel corn frozen
3 very large heads of brocolli frozen
10 cups shredded zuccini frozen (10 muffin recipes worth)
3 muffin recipes worth of pumpkin frozen
6 jalapeno peppers frozen
3 apple pie fillings frozen
1 pint blueberries frozen
1 quart blackberries frozen

Oops! How could I forget the loads of pesto in the freezer?!

I'll be freezing more pumpkin, some peppers and probably some butternut squash. I'll have to see what else I get from the CSA to see if anything else gets preserved.


Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for you! We've been canning and freezing stuff for winter for years, but this is the first year I went all out with it.

It's fun, isn't it? It will be fun to see if we can manage one "local" meal all winter long using stuff from our freezer and from the winter CSA we'll be joining.

AnneO said...

I think you have quite an impressive list, there, Christy! I know you will be enjoying the fruits (and veggies... ;) of your labor for a long time...

Christy said...

Wendy - it is fun! Hubby thinks I'm crazy when we can get it all at the grocery store any time we want, but I'm sure some day he'll see the wisdom of my ways. I wish I could find a winter CSA. Finding a fall one has been great.

Anne - Thanks! It will be nice to have good local corn when there is snow on the ground.

SegoLily said...

Quite impressive and good for you!

Danielle said...

That's an impressive list for your first year—all I really did last year was tomatoes. This seems like a great way to begin the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge. (I joined after seeing your button—thanks for the heads up!)

We're doing a winter CSA, but we only accepted 2 members since it's our first year, and I really have no idea how well it will go. It'll be heavy on greens and herbs since we had such a dismal potato and onion year. :-/

Christy said...

Danielle - keep us updated on what goes into your winter CSA. I'll be really interested to see. We are getting lots of greens and brocolli. Although we did get some potatoes this time.