Tuesday, October 9, 2007

U-pick fun

We've been trying to do as much U-pick as we can and get stuff preserved for the winter (that will be another post). We did blackberries earlier this year. http://farmdreams-christy.blogspot.com/2007/08/jam.html

A couple of week ago we picked apples. Here Logan is puzzling over which is the best apple to pick.

Yesterday we picked pumpkins. Those things can be hard to get off the vine.

And we picked corn. We opted to go with the popping corn. Now I have to look up how to dry it and pop it. The corn was really hard to get off the stalk!

Logan got a really nice pumpkin which will be preserved for muffins this winter.

We hope to get fall raspberries this weekend to make some jam.

And this has nothing to do with picking, but these are the latest pants I made for Logan. He picked out the material.


Deanne said...

I miss going pumpking picking in the fall. Where we live in FL now, the only places to get pumpkins are the local "patch" of imported pumpkins that are usually at a church for funraising, or at the supermarket! :o So NOT the same as where I grew up in NJ/NY. U-pick farms are so much fun!

Howling Hill said...

I go apple picking on the 20th with some family members. I plan on canning up some apple pie filling and making some apple crisp. Also planning on getting some pumpkins.

Christy said...

Deanne - I forgot it was like that in Texas. I hope they have pumpkin patches in GA.

Howling Hill - I made pie filling and apple sauce and 1 pie to eat right away. It was really good.