Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Apple Blossom

My cute miniature apple tree has blossoms on it! 2 of the flowers are open and it is covered in buds. It is a self pollinating tree so I could move it outside and see what happens. But I know it is best that it not make fruit this year so it can put its energy into growing strong roots and stuff. Should I pluck the flowers off or just keep it inside so it can't get pollinated?

The flowers are really pretty and we're enjoying having them right now.


linda m said...

Please don't pluck the flowers off! They are so beautiful! I can't believe the tree is blooming already!

Kathryn and Ari said...

I agree with Linda. I don't know anything about tiny-tree care, but the blossoms are so pretty!

Deanne said...

Sorry, I don't have any idea about plants. I'm learning from you. ;) I just wanted to say I LOVE the lamb picture on your header now. It makes feel all warm and happy whenever I come by and see it.

Christy said...

Thanks everyone. The tree is covered in flowers now, I'll post a picture after I get back from my trip out of town for the weekend.

Deanne - The lamb pictures makes me feel warm and happy too. I put it as my screen saver too.